Ron Paul, a career politican with a well deserved reputation for anti semitism, is currently drawing fire for making loads of money from racist newsletters that bear his name. On top of the recent revelations that the newsletters contained some really nasty comments about blacks, come brand new revelations that this piece of garbage also attacked Jews and gays in print.

Let's start at the top. We all know the Democrats are going to play the ''race card'' against whoever the Republicans nominate. Count on it. Now imagine this scenario, heading our ticket is a candidate whose newsletter said this about Ronald Reagan(for giving Martin Luther a holiday), ''We can thank him for our annual Hate Whitey day''. Or how about this little nugget of wisdom, ''Opinion polls consistently show that only about 5 percent of blacks have sensible political opinions.''  You might as well hand Nancy Pelosi her gavel back, because the stench from being identified with this lowlife is going to cause the Republicans to get decimated in every congressional race, as well as get Obama reelected.

And it only goes downhill from there for ''Racist Ron''. Everyone knows Paul published racist newsletters under his name for profit. But did anyone ever wonder about the direct mailer ads that went out for these newsletters, and to see who they were marketed to. Well guess what REUTERS managed to get ahold of? The ads(which were signed by Paul) talk about the ''federal homosexual cover up of AIDS''. Of course that fits right in with Paul's newsletter's disgusting comment that people with AIDS ''enjoy the attention and pity that comes with being sick.'' And of course at the bottom of the ad was a solicitation for $99.00 to subscribe to this newsletter, which would also give you Paul's ''unlisted phone number'' so you can recieve fast breaking news. I wonder how many suckers sent him 99 bucks. LOL

And no column on this sleazebag would be complete without a discussion of Ron's anti-semitic, neo-nazi pals. Did you know that this newsletter was listed as recommended reading in the directory of the Heritage Front, a neo-nazi hate group based in Canada? Or that his columns are repeatedly featured in the American Free Press, which is published by Hilter admirer and Holocaust denier Willis Carto. Ron Paul certainly knows his base, which is why he recently criticized conservative tea partier Michele Bachmann for hating muslims.... but yet has never condemned the anti semitic behavor of his dirtbag paulbot followers.

Paul is also known for his friendship with white supremist Don Black. In fact, the former KKK leader and founder of white hate group Stormfront donated 500 dollars to Paul's campaign in 2008. And Paul refused to return the money despite the pleas of Jewish conservatives. Is it any wonder that conservative David Horowitz of the Freedom Center wrote an article in February titled ''Ron Paul Is A Vicious Anti-Semite and Anti-American and Conservatives Need To Wash Their Hands of Him''. Or that the Republican Jewish Coailition banned Paul from their recent debate because of his anti Israel agenda. In fact, they said inviting Paul to speak would be like ''inviting Obama to speak''. Ouch. Maybe Paul's wacky opinion that condemning the Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli women and children would cause violence didn't sit too well with them.

And the ''guilt by association'' will be even worse for the tea party. I recently blogged an article here at REDSTATE showing that 93% of tea party members do NOT want Ron Paul as president. And also showing that Tea Party Fort Lauderdale, America's longest running tea party, overwhelmingly voted nutjob Paul as the Republican candidate they LEAST wanted to see win the presidency.

But despite Paul's rejection by the tea party, the press is undoubtedly going to try to tie this loon into the tea party in order to discredit it. The liberal press has wrongly and unfairly been trying to paint the tea party as racist. To no avail. Until now. And then they hit the ''mother lode''.  A genuine racist with a documented paper trail of inappropriate comments and a busload of looney racist and anti semitic supporters. Hopefully tea party leaders will quickly denounce and ostracise this nutcase because real tea partiers are completely colorblind and would NEVER EVER condone these type of beliefs and comments. And this issue is NOT going away.

And of course his followers are the dirtbags of society. Conspiracy loons, racists, anti war leftists, and anti semites. That is why most sites, including this one, have policies banning paulbots. I say they are a cancer to the both the tea party and the Republican party, and that we should treat them like lepers and shun them.