Andrew Ian Dodge: Olympia Snowe ‘out of touch’ with 21st century Maine

Andrew Ian Dodge, a 40-something writer, blogger and Maine Tea Party Patriots coordinator, says Republican Senator Olympia Snowe is “out of touch” with modern America, and that is why he is running to unseat her.

According to his bio, he “organized the first registered tea party event in Maine, which took place in Augusta on April 15 2009.”

He was also instrumental in formulating the strategy for the small-government movement that played a huge role in giving Republicans a majority in the House.

But Dodge says that the long-time Republican Senator is “completely out of touch with her constituents and the needs of 21st century Maine.” …

“She has been in D.C. for 33 years and is completely out of touch with the real world outside of the Beltway,” he added.

Dodge, who considers himself a “new school web/tech savy limited government, fiscal conservative and free market obsessed rabble rouser,” says that Snowe’s vote for TARP and the auto bailouts, combined with the “internet kill switch” legislation she introduced with Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), makes her unfit to serve in the Senate.

He adds that Snowe’s vote to push Obamacare out of committee makes her “an old school big government Republican” out of touch with mainstream America and mainstream Mainers. …

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Article reposted with permission of my friend Joe Newby.

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