A Redstate Exclusive: Monica Boyer of Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate.

Who says that one person can’t make a difference? Monica Boyer, a mother of four, was instrumental in taking down a sitting U.S. senator. This is the story of  Monica Boyer, who exemplifies everything that the Tea Party movement stands for.

Monica got involved in politics in 2004.  She owned and operated a licensed home daycare. Then the state of Indiana began to over-regulate daycare. Monica knew that something had to be done. So she began working with her state legislators and her Governor.  Monica learned about effective lobbying during those days.  In the end, she won and Governor Daniels vetoed the proposed regulations.

At that point, Monica figured that she was called to fight for family values. For the next four years, she fought on the front lines of the pro family movement.  When Barack Obama was elected, she realized that there is no way that we can fight for family values if we lose our Constitution. Monica then got involved in the Tea Party movement.


Her focus quickly turned to six term Senator Richard Lugar. After Senator Lugar’s vote for Elena Kagan, Monica knew Lugar had finally ”crossed the line of no return”.  Over the past few years, Monica had been watching the Senator’s voting record turn further and further to the left. And this vote was the last straw. Elena Kagan was a dangerous nominee who had never even presided over so much as a traffic case.  And Kagan stated that she would look to international law to make her decisions.

Monica knew the tea party had made huge errors in the 2010 Indiana senatorial primary race and split the vote between four conservative candidates, allowing the more moderate Dan Coats to win.  They had to do things differently this time.  She made a call to Greg Fettig of Indianapolis and said, ”Greg, you don’t know me but do you want to help me take Senator Lugar out?”  He said, “You mean vote him out right?”  After we laughed about that, he said “Absolutely.”

That phone call began Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate. And the uniting of the Tea Party in order to oust the RINO Lugar.

That was the hardest 18 months of her life.  Monica said ”Uniting the Tea Party was like herding cats.  Nearly impossible.”

There were days that she would call Greg in tears. They not only had attacks from the outside, but they came from the inside too. Greg and Monica both received death threats. There were days that she thought they were not going to make it.

In the end, they made history. They did the unthinkable.  Monica thanked God for his help and his strength.  And now we have the privilege to elect Richard Mourdock.  A true Conservative.


Monica introduces Senator Rand Paul at Glenn Beck’s event at Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Monica supports Mitt Romney because it is the right thing to do.  Boyer initially had concerns about him because, like the majority of Tea Partiers, she is a social conservative. But one day when FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey was in town he made her look at this from a whole new viewpoint.

Armey told her, “The Presidents job is not to make policy.  We need to look at the branch that makes policy.  The House and Senate.  If the Mitt Romney wins, we BOX HIM IN.  If Obama would happen to win, we BOX HIM OUT”. Monica realized then, that we had a job to do… We need to box Mitt Romney in.

She is ready to elect Mitt, hold him accountable and stop the Obama regime from stealing any more of our freedom.

When I asked her about Barack Obama, she said ”Barack Obama is the epidomy of evil.  He has stolen more from the American family than any person in American history.  I am afraid for my children. I am afraid for my country. His attack on religious freedom, his attack on the unborn, his attack on the Constitution, his attack on the family must be stopped in November.  If he is not stopped, I fear that we will have gone past the point of no return.”

Monica has just finished writing a book called “Not on My Watch,  a Mom’s Fight for the Heart and Soul of Her Country”.  The book will be released in September.  Monica initially sat down to write the book to write to her children.  But that idea got bigger.

Monica knew that she had to challenge women, and specifically moms who think that the only thing they can do is change diapers.

She also wanted to challenge young people.  Monica wanted to show them that if they take a stand for something, the reward is great.

And she wanted to let the people who have retired know that there is more than rocking chairs to life.

As Monica said, ”One person can make a difference.  I am a regular mom of four children.  And I was able to help write a page in the history books.  This is my story, a challenge and a book of hope”.


Monica and her family with the next Senator from Indiana, Richard Mourdock

When I asked Monica her plans for the future, she said ”I have given up asking what next… I know God has a plan for my life.  I have surrendered it fully to Him.  I will go through what ever door He opens for me.  I have a passion for the family, a passion for fighting for the unborn, a passion for my country. I love fighting for the things I believe in. I am ready for the next door to walk through”.


My good friend Monica Boyer is currently the President of the ”Kosciusko Silent NO More” Tea Party group http://www.kosciuskosilentnomore.com/ and is getting ready to publish a book called Not on My Watch, A Mom’s Fight for the Heart and Soul of our Country.  https://www.facebook.com/NotonmyWatchaMomsFight

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