Chris Christie has proven himself to be a traitor to conservatives everywhere. Christie spent the past week having such a public ''man crush'' on Obama, that someone might have mistaken him for Chris Matthews.

The focus this last week should have been on Obama's shameful conduct in Benghazi. Instead, the  schizophrenic Christie allowed himself to be manipulated by Obama's camp so easily, that one has to question the reasoning for his desertion of Governor Romney. I believe the egomaniacal Christie would rather run for POTUS in 2016 than 2020. And chose to spend the last week  stabbing Mitt in the back.

I understand that Christie had to ''break bread'' with Obama when Obama came to tour New Jersey for disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy. We all should be fine with that.  But after Obama left, Christie has continued to act ''star-struck'' toward the liberal Democrat. Both men are frequent apologizers for Islam so that may also be a shared bond.

And Christie refused an invitation to attend a  Sunday night rally with Mr. Romney in Pennsylvania, only 20 minutes from Trenton. You can google Benedict Arnold/Chris Christie or Traitor Chris Christie and see that the internet is abuzz with  stories about how Christie the RINO has been selling out to Obama. I suspect the backlash from conservatives may be so great that Christie may have to turn Democrat. Of course, that may have been his plan all along.

And Christie will do his usual bold talking shtick to cover up any questions about his treacherous behavior. But loudless is never going to be an acceptable substitute for loyalty.