the video?

It seems to me that the question is obvious, yet troubling at the same time, who and where did someone find this stupid youtube video that was the culprit of all this??? Let us think about a timetable;

An attack is made on our consulate in Benghazi,

Four americans are killed,

someone somewhere uncovers this youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E55rwmKSyg for reasons unknown then blames the “uprising on it

The media then run rough shot to perpetuate the meme of the video

meanwhile we shake our heads

then Susan Rice is marched out to…lie

then once being proved a liar Hillary yells and

then no one, no one asks how and why that stupid video even entered into the realm of reason-ability.

please someone, anyone out there help me understand, besides the medias covering for the potus, tell me how this has been missed?

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