Rep Mark Sanford


My Quick take on the attacks of Rep Sanford go as such:

1:  He was loyal to his wife and family for far more than he should have been.  Any man who does what he did must have been under extraordinary stress.

2: The office of Governor only made it easier for him to turn his back on his Wife and family which in the end caused him more damage despite the ease.

3: Republicans can not not, despite the knee-jerk reaction, shoot their own.  People  are not perfect, whether right or left, but the left does not demand the same stringent rules as we do.  I am in no way saying that professional misconduct is the same as personal sin/vice.  But the one is not in any way in equation to the other.

When the political hypocrites threw the woman down before Jesus and demanded she deserved stoning for ADULTERY he didn’t look at her, he looked down, wrote in the sand and then all of her assailants backed away.  This should be a lesson to us as well, not only the “first stone” principle but have the ability to call out the accusers as well.

We would do well to call out both the Adultery and the Hypocrisy at the same time.

Woman where are those who accused you?

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