As we know from last week the US added 114,000 jobs in September. North of the border in Canada a country with a bit more than 10% our population added 52,000 jobs in the same period.  This would be the equivalent of adding a half a million jobs in the US.  So bravo Canada!  However there is more.  On top of this big job gain | Read More »

    President Obama’s Miscalculation on Immigration

    When the President on Friday announced amnesty by executive order (and don’t let anyone else try to spin it to you otherwise) it has become more clear that huge segments of voters are being cast aside in a desperate attempt to win reelection. First consider the narrative of the Obama administration as one that disregards the law at every inconvenient turn.  From putting unsecured Union | Read More »

    More Mexico citizenship hypocrisy

    Not many people in the United States know who Bob Bradley is though in about 2 months many people will when he leads the US National Soccer team to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup.  Bradley took over from Bruce Arena in 2007 has quietly but competently led the US into 4 major tournaments winning 1 and getting to the final in the other 2. | Read More »

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown smears Mississippi in attempt to save his own skin

    I usually do not think that British politics have much impact on US Politics but a recent event shows how bias against “flyover territory” has infected leftist groupthink on the other side of the pond.  The raw display of this is present in the person of Gordon Brown, soon to be former Prime Minister in an attempt to con the people of the UK into | Read More »