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    Goodbye Angry Right… So Long Redstate.

    I know this will please the Perry Zombies with whom I’ve traded barbs recently, but even so, here goes.  I’ll just consider it my parting gift to them. This weekend I’ll be asking the administrators to kill my account here on Redstate, because I don’t enjoy the tone here any longer.  It’s simply no longer possible to express one’s opinion without getting flamed and watching | Read More »

    Perry: A Bush In Sheep’s Clothing?

    The more I learn about Rick Perry, the less I seem to like him as my chosen candidate for the Republican nomination. Oh, I admire the straight-talk of the guy, and I like his general pro-States-rights attitude. But his record, and his debate answers, are making me think he’s not the real conservative many of us are wishing him to be. The Gardisil Fiasco This | Read More »

    Pardon my French, but… the Media (big M) really SUCKS.

    Ok, everybody here already knew that.  But if you’re like me and have been watching the debt-ceiling/default reporting – from the financial reporters down to the talking coifs on TV – you’ll agree that they’ve all hit a new low.  And their coverage has had real and negative effects on everyday Americans. I wasn’t the first to question exactly how the USA would “default,” when | Read More »

    Default, Deschmalt. There is no default until somebody misses a payment.

    Do your personal creditors claim you’re in “default” when your family’s budget becomes tighter than usual?  Does your lender run to the courts and try to seize your home, claiming you’ve defaulted on your mortgage because you were thinking about paying your cable tv bill later than normal this month? No – because nobody is in default until somebody doesn’t get paid.  That’s just a | Read More »

    WARNING: The FDA’s new cigarette warning labels can kill you.

    Everybody knows cigarette smoking is bad for you. You would have to been living and stubbing out your butts in a cave for 50 years not to know the hazards of lighting up. And that’s the point. EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS IT. So before anyone joins the well-intentioned “health police” and agrees with the FDA’s requiring new, disgustingly graphic “warning messages” on cigarette packaging – think | Read More »


    Why zing Pawlenty’s debate performance? To this Minnesotan, he was the same as always.

    The national punditry, after weeks of undeserved buildup of the man, now seems to be braying with one voice: “Pawlenty blew it.” “He disappointed.” Hello? From my perch as a conservative Minnesotan, Pawlenty was the same Pawlenty I’ve always seen. A lawyer, not a politician, modeling the stoic character of the people of his region. Careful in language, not predisposed towards confrontation. Passionless. Why do | Read More »

    Weiner’s Weasly Words: An “Apology” From A Pathological Liar and Sex Addict

    Rep. Anthony Weiner “came clean” today in a press conference hastily organized because his conscience was hurting… that and six other “Weinergals” were about to come out of the woodwork with other photos the Congressman had sent. Here’s one of them: Suddenly Weiner got religion. But not quite… If you listen to his “apology” and explanation, you’ll note he said that he sent the photo | Read More »

    Obamabsurdity: “Spending” in our Tax Code?

    It may be because I’m in Minnesota – until only recently, the last socialist nation on Earth – that my ears are attuned to absurdities like one (there were many) spouted by our “Acting President” Barack Obama. The lines in his (BIG AIR QUOTES HERE) “Deficit Reduction” speech (END BIG AIR QUOTES) where he refers to deductions and offsets in our tax code as “spending” | Read More »

    Why Public Broadcasting Is Like A Government-Managed Economy

    While viewing a fascinating program on PBS’ NOVA right now about “smart machines,” the law of unintended consequences kicked in and “educated” me (although not in the way the PBS tsars had hoped, I’m sure.) While thoroughly enjoying the program, I thought “Why isn’t NOVA on some commercial channel like Discovery? Certainly there are commercial markets out there for a program like this…” This was | Read More »

    The Incredible Reverse Racism of the Racial Police

    Ok, I need to be careful here, because the last time I addressed a racial issue here trying to uphold the idea of equality, I was misunderstood and booted off for being… a racist. But I hope no one will misunderstand my motives when I say the only racists involved in the hubbub over a Pepsi Super Bowl Ad are those crying “racist!” In the | Read More »