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    Winning the Hearts and Minds

    After so long in Afghanistan and Iraq we are use to the idea of winning the hearts and minds of the peoples in those countries. Well, now that the Dominoes are actually beginning to topple. We have three questions: Will freedom and democracy rise to the top in Egypt and in Tunisia? And will this trigger enough momentum to topple other countries? Lastly, will it | Read More »

    Let’s Get to Work, Florida!

    Gov Scott released his proposed budget and we need to take the time to look it over and kick the tires. I listened to his presentation and I was very encouraged that he clearly addresses concerns about government pensions. I use to work for a county law enforcement agency and I have many friends that work for that and other county agencies and some only | Read More »


    We all are created with the desire for liberty and that desire coupled with poverty and hunger are being exploited by American and Israel hating forces, such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. I do believe there are a lot of naive and desperate protesters on the streets of Egypt. I just don’t think it was them who kindled the fire. They are more like | Read More »

    Sexualization of our Children

    By now most of us know something about the latest known atrocity of sex in the classrooms of our public schools. Granted this occurred in Oakland, California, which makes it easy to think, it’s an aberration, don’t be too quick to think so. While the latest allegations being investigated in Oakland are so terribly egregious because they involved not just two 2nd graders, but that | Read More »

    We Better Take the Initiative on the Tax Issue – Before It Takes US!

    I woke this morning and did all the things one does to perpare to face the day, for me that includes stretches, shower, make-up & prayer! Otherwise by the time I turn on Fox News and check out the news sources on-line, I maybe too fired-up and ticked off to think straight. This keeps me somewhat sunny and hopeful. The alternative is not pretty! I’ve | Read More »