I currently live in Florida and am from Upper Michigan. I am one of those who didnt pay attention to politics for too many years. I always had faith in our constitution and electoral system protecting our freedoms. Not any more! America is under attack from the nastiest bunch of stealth socialists in all of history, and it has to be stopped.


    TY RedState: The American Gift That Truly Keeps on Giving

    Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and an American tradition that has evolved into a world-renowned holiday that brings us the season of the unconditional giving of oneself to others. While the giving of ourselves may include various different forms of  the giving of one’s time,  love, money, and material things all wrapped up in brightly colored ribbons and bows, today | Read More »

    Budgetary Gimmicks – We’re Only Fooling Ourselves

    Anyone who has run a business or even a household budget, knows all too well that budget “gimmicks” will turn around and bite you sooner or later. Whether you are shifting overrun costs from one year to the next or spending more than you take in, most gimmicks are basically a deception and denial of reality. Unfortunately, this slight-of-hand is a common practice in our | Read More »

    Revisiting the Food safety Bill/ repeal it.

           Today I want to share my thoughts on just how out of bounds our government is operating today concerning The Food Safety Bill and it’s passage. This situation first came to my attention, when in December of 2010, I witnessed Senator Dick Durbin explaining The Food safety Bill on cspan2. Mr Durbin had a huge chart with him that showed the next ten years | Read More »

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