“Hank Aaron is wrong about something!”

    On the 40th anniversary of his record breaking home run Hank Aaron spoke about baseball and race with USA Today. It was an entirely appropriate subject from a remarkable hero in sports and civil rights. However, Mr Aaron made a fundamental error regarding American politics. “We can talk about baseball. Talk about politics. Sure, this country has a black president, but when you look at | Read More »

    Obama Heckler Invited

    The President spoke at the National Defense University on Fort McNair. Not your typical Obama college rally, this was one of the most secure speaking events off Whitehouse grounds excepting the SOTU. How did known heckler Medea Benjamin get in? She was invited. Hat Tip @ernestine1006 The University has released a statement. This speech was not open to the general public. Attendance for non-media was limited to | Read More »

    Assume Obama is Right About Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan

    For the sake of argument let’s assume that the President is right about Mitt Romney’s tax plan. Obama asserted: Mitt Romney wants a $5 Trillion tax cut for the wealthy over 10 years. The entire tax cut would be added to the deficit. Mitt Romney wants to add $2 Trillion to military spending that they did not ask for. The entire amount would be added to the deficit. He stated | Read More »

    The Scream gets sold.

    Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free….. Oh …. No blind people.

    Iowa Eve Worksheet

    Handy worksheet to take to the caucus. Name your top 3 election issues: Name your preferred candidate: Now, ignoring speeches, explain what your candidate has actually accomplished that makes you think they will address your issues sucessfully:    

    Paul Krugman: Addicted to Bush

    Paul Krugman pens an article titled Addicted to Bush. Having been rendered deaf, dumb & blind two years ago in a tragic microwave burrito accident, he alleges the GOP is the addict. Forget all those administration references to ‘the last 8 years’, ‘the previous administration’, ‘inherited economy’. Forget that the liberal media mentions Bush more often than Rain Man mentions ‘Judge Wapner’. Forget that “Something | Read More »

    Too Big to Bail

    Today’s #youlie is ‘Wall Street Financial reform will put an end to billion dollar bailouts’. The truth is it will eventually make them trillion dollar bailouts. A bailout reimburses stakeholders in excess of actual value As part of a major overhaul package the latest Senate Financial Reform bill includes language to setup a $50 billion government regulated insurance fund that Wall Street Banks would pay | Read More »

    A Grain of Salt

    I am not going to use this post to mock the absurdity of liberals declaring the war on drugs to be a costly, immoral & futile effort while advocating using the full powers of the federal government to wage war on a table condiment. I shall not mention that currently the President is coming down harder with unilateral sanctions on Pringles while Persia continues its illegal nuclear weapons program, | Read More »

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    I have often regretted my speech, never my silence.

    – Xenocrates (396-314 B.C.). I do not know a lot about mine safety. To be honest, I don’t know about a lot of things. That rarely stops me from running my mouth, using professional experiences, references, quotations and subject matter I do know to extrapolate and analyze the things I do not. Sometimes I make quick judgment calls based on nothing more than simple logic and gut instinct. | Read More »


    Census Hip-Hopcracy

    This week in yawn: Atlanta rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges has teamed up with theU.S. Census. — In a statement, Ludacris explained why he’s gotten on board with the Census, a partnership meant to encourage people to fill out their forms. Census data help direct federal dollars to various communities. “I look at our communities now and I see many empty lots, closed clinics, dilapidated schools and | Read More »