What the teachable momment taught us?

  • Its ok not to say your sorry, just say you’d like to calibrate your words diffrently.
  • Beer can solve all your problems.
  • If you don’t know all the facts, keep talking.
  • If you say something stupidly, spin the topic into racial profiling.
  • Blue Moon is not a girly beer.
  • The cops mother will not speak with you outside.
  • Act like a d*ck to a cop, get invited to the White House. This is what happens to black men in America.
  • If you’re MSNBC just wait till someone else writes something racist. Then pounce.
  • People love to ‘.0′ things that should never be dotted. Hence Race Relations 3.0
  • Red Stripe? Nope no sterotypes there. (See #1)
  • TV loves countdown clocks.
  • Joe Biden was actually a good pick for VP. He gave Robert Gibbs a lot of expreience in spinning what people meant to say.
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