Making Love out of nothing at all…

    Question: How did the Nobel Committee choose Obama? They overdid the Air Supply…. and ended up Making Love out of nothing at all. The committee broke the first rule of awards, they chose to award the man not the reason. By doing this they then had to invent a reason and pretend that reason was better than all the other nominees accomplishments. When you don’t have much | Read More »


    Caption Contest Barack Obama

    Its not PhotoShop I swear:Yahoo News Given the other news of the day I thought a caption contest is in order. Prize is yuks. Media “No he’s not too inexperinced to be President” Obama “We don’t need missile defense, lookie what I found” Obama “40,000 Troops for Afghanistan? Just give our boys these things” Obama “I am ready to debate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad” Obama “Darfur? Sorry I’m | Read More »

    The one thing you need to know about the president’s healthcare speech

    In case you missed the President’s address on health care, this is the one thing you need to know. All of the people who won’t have to use the same government run system we’ll all be forced into, stood up and clapped.

    Hansel and Gretel

    Assuming I could ever get published in USATODAY, this would be my response to Pelosi’s USATODAY Op-ed For the first time since 1978 Democrats hold an all powerful 60 seat majority in the Senate, and the highest number of seats in the House since 1993, yet Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid seem completely incapable of moving any bill from the halls of Congress to the President’s desk without | Read More »

    The Cake is a Lie

    The Democrats must not be very proud of their health plan. If I came up with a health care plan that provided all Americans with universal coverage, protected the 45 million people without health insurance, did so without rationing treatment, prevented insurance companies from denying coverage, didn’t cut Medicaid and Medicare benefits for seniors, AND provided significant cost savings over the current system I’d be | Read More »

    What the teachable momment taught us?

    Its ok not to say your sorry, just say you’d like to calibrate your words diffrently. Beer can solve all your problems. If you don’t know all the facts, keep talking. If you say something stupidly, spin the topic into racial profiling. Blue Moon is not a girly beer. The cops mother will not speak with you outside. Act like a d*ck to a cop, | Read More »

    The Crimes of Congressman Dick Cheney (D-NY-15)

    After I finished watching the ‘good’ part of the O’Reilly factor I became bored and went channel hunting. Making my way down the dial, hoping to find a spongebob marathon I skimmed across a MSNBC teaser. “It’s a Dick”-Caption. Announcer: “You know who is back and you won’t believe how he wanted to use US troops to go into US territory to arrest US citizens. How | Read More »

    I don’t know all the facts BUT…

    From: I Like to Know What I’m Talking About Before I Speak To: I don’t know all the facts BUT… Wednesday the President gave his 4th televised news conference since taking office to address public concerns about Health Care Reform. While the majority of the evening was spent discussing health care and the economy, the last question provided a highlight: LYNN SWEET: Thank you, Mr. | Read More »

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