Melissa Harris-Perry and the bludgeon of “Collective Responsibility”

    For those who have never had the misfortune to be caught unawares by one of MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” advertisements, they are typically vacuous statements of typical leftist pablum wrapped up in lofty rhetoric and set in some sort of idyllic venue, all to reinforce the point that “Government is good. Government is your friend.” As readers of RedState are aware, commentator Melissa Harris-Perry came up with | Read More »

    When We Get it Wrong

    I’m posting these thoughts a bit late for The Day, but in the light of the past week’s multi-faceted discussion on same-sex marriage all across this site, I wanted to share a bit about one of the underappreciated messages of Easter that is particularly dear to me. Lots of folks across the RedState community have shared their Easter thoughts. I found these two, from the front page, particularly moving. Today | Read More »

    On Caring

    Thanks again to everyone who took the time and effort to engage with my overly-long post from last night. I’m rather overwhelmed by the amount of attention that post received, but at the risk of belaboring the issue, I’d like to offer one final response to Erick’s most recent thoughts in this discussion. I’ll try to keep it brief (though if you read my initial | Read More »

    Contra Erick: No Compromise, No Regrets

    Promoted from the diaries by Erick for an alternative view on this particular topic. After reading Erick’s post this morning entitled, Christians Side With Mammon. Mammon Sided with Barabbas, I feel compelled to respond and provide an alternative viewpoint. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a long-time RedState lurker – I discovered RedState (and political blogs in general) during RatherGate, and have been an almost | Read More »

    On the constitutionality of the tax

     Based on the commentary I’ve been reading, and the comments I’ve received so far from my previous post, I see that the piece I failed to address the first time around (which, incidentally, Roberts failed to address thoroughly in his opinion as well) is the question of whether, if the mandate is a “tax,” it is a constitutional one. The dissent took Roberts to task | Read More »

    Roberts’ Obamacare opinion is not as bad as you think

    Crossposted from The Unedited Life. Let me preface this by saying that I am no legal scholar, merely a long-time hobbyist and sometimes court-watcher. That said, I wanted to share some unorthodox thoughts on today’s PPACA decision and the man who authored it. I’ve deliberately avoided reading much in the way of commentary on today’s opinion from either side, choosing instead to read the opinion | Read More »

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