What Can You Do With a Stolen Airliner?

    Recently we have read or heard that ISIS may have come into ownership of up to 11 airliners.  A relatively scary thought if one thinks about it. Fill it will explosives or nuclear waste, or some kind of biological weapon, and VOILA! you have, in some degree, an ICBM on the cheap. But, after thinking about this for a short time, the thought enters one’s | Read More »

    Illegal Border Crossings Have To Be Bad Omen For November

    From a simple list on Drudge, one has to believe that the situation in the border states has got to be looming quite large on the minds and nightmares of many of our illustrious Representatives and Senator. prayer rug found on AZ border… Volunteers work to identify bodies of dead children… PROTESTS SPREAD: MI RESIDENTS FIGHT PLANS TO HOUSE ILLEGALS… Shipment to San Diego halted… | Read More »

    The Border States of America

    I would suggest that, at this time, the southern border states of these, once great, United States of America, secede from this failed experiment  and create their own federation. Once that is achieved,they then can institute absolute border patrols and enforcement. This would be beneficial to not only their own, newly founded country, but to the existing, although quickly dissolving U.S. I am sure that | Read More »

    A Dangerous Despot

    While, once again, reading my copy of “Elementary Catechism on the Constitution” by Arthur J. Stansbury Hillard, Gray, Little and Wilkens, 1828 I came across this Question and Answer entry, related to the duties and responsibilities of the president. Q. Is it to be desired that Congress should always comply with the advice of the President? A. No; for then his advice would, in time, | Read More »

    We Are Still Here

    Just a short note for anyone interested. The Fed. Government has been closed for about 2 weeks. Pres on vacation. Congress on Vacation. Courts on Vacation. AND WE ARE STILL HERE! The sun still rises and sets! OK, there was just a little less torment, but we all survived. Next time someone starts running around like Chicken Little, crying ‘The sky is falling’ because a | Read More »

    On This Voting Day

    I have to ask the most simple and obvious question. Why is the RNC and every “conservative” group not demanding that a legal represetative of each state not at every voting place to hand out LEGAL voter IDs? It seems the biggest push against voter ID is that it is a burden to get to the official place of enlistment. Well, since our democrat friends | Read More »

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    Evolution Gives Us The Answer To Obamacare

    If in life, adversity is the true mother of invention. Catastrophic calamity is the catalyst for evolution. We are in the bowels of catastrophic calamity. Obamacare is the catalyst which will cause new answers to the game. As an example, Medicare was touted as the saving grace for all the older members of our community. But as the requirements on this system grew, and the | Read More »

    Divided Government is on the Brink

    Last night (Oct. 3, 2013) , M. Lavin had a compelling hour talking about his observation that the president is getting ready to confiscate the power of the purse from congress. He had laid out, with articles and speeches being given by the president, his staff and “think tank” cronies how it is less harmful to the country for him to unilaterally raise the debt | Read More »

    Job, Jesus, Washington, Gandhi, Parks

    Five of the greatest names in history. Names that require no explanation. Names that instantly bring to mind turning points in our history, stances taken against supreme odds. Names that STAND for something more than the person who bears them. These people, along with many, many others have taken a stance. They had a vision of right and wrong, which transcended their corporal existence. They | Read More »

    Chicken In Chief

    When is a ‘Red Line’ not a read line? When is ‘Going it alone’ not a decisive action? Wnen is the statement, ‘We will go AROUND Congress’, just more hot air? When a spineless. out of control president does not have the spine to do what he says. Pres. Obama has shown that he is terrified to put his ‘thumb print’ on any action. He | Read More »

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