Every State Got Something

“…Every state got something…” Schumer said.


In the final tally, New York got nothing.
But our illustrious, long term, Senator (?) believes that “Every state got something,”.

Mr. Schumer is a prime example compelling the reasoning behind term limits for Senators as well as House Representatives.

This “statest” has the idea that one state be more unfairly funded by the U.S. Government than another.
He has the understanding that it is not important to protect All Americans and their rights, just his State’s Americans and their rights.
He lives by the idea that if it appears that he is doing good for his constituents, then he has done a good job.

So, in response to B. Nelson’s grab for the Brass Ring, He said he would fight for provisions in the House version of the health-care legislation that are more favorable to New York.

“Are More Favorable to New York”.

What is wrong with this picture????

That is not what HE is there for.
He, as a Senator of the U.S. Government is there to protect All Americans. All rights given to All Americans by the Constitution.
He is not there to protect himself, or his party, or his state.

Each citizen has the right to protect himself.

The party lives and dies based on it’s alignment with it’s constituants.

The State has House Representatives, Governors, State congressmen, and many, many local governing bodies to protect itself.

No Mr, Schumer, you are not there to protect the interests of the State. You are there to protect the interests of the United States. Plural.
And when you declare that you will “fight for provisions in the House version of the health-care legislation that are more favorable to New York”, you doom all others. Or you cause others states to require the same. And then you once again have status quo. No state is better, because they are all the ssame.

And in the end, We The People will pay for your Arrogance and Ignorance and Self Indulgence.

The whole pot of soup is spoiled. Adding salt or sugar to it makes it no better.

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