I am a person that started out listening to the radio and later got the confidence to give my opinion


    Scandals Swirl

    As scandalpalooza marches on, I would like to take you back to what was possibly the first scandal, in my opinion, that could and should have been a much bigger deal than it was.   This scandal hinged around the Black Panthers, their voter intimidation in Pennsylvania and the lack of prosecution by the Eric Holder led Department of Justice. Why I call this a | Read More »

    What Worries Me

    What happened in Boston at the world famous Boston Marathon is what I have been worried about for a long time. This is to say that there would be a successful terrorist bombing at either a major sporting event or at a mall on, let’s just say, Black Friday. We just saw what happened when a bomb went off at a major sporting event. I | Read More »


    Ahead Of His Time

    Everyone knows how badly Ross Perot was handled and how badly his campaign was run but, in one respect, he was ahead of his time. He and his handlers knew knew that Mr, Perot would not get a fair shot to espouse his feelings on the issues of the time. Sure, he was a flake, but there is a reason why what he said resonated | Read More »


    Documentaries Stink

    For the most part, what is supposed to represent documentary film making in America and around the world really reeks. A very good example of this is a film which was unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival. This film was and is titled After Tiller. Before we talk about the film we need to establish who this Tiller person is. Tiller refers to George Tiller. | Read More »


    Immigration, Just Another Example Of Playing Politics

    There is no doubt that the people in Washington DC love to play politics with any give issue. There is one particular side of the isle which does this with all issues and in the most disgusting of ways. The democrat-progressives. I am not saying that the republican-progressives do not do this as well but the democrat-progressives are more artful and able to do this. | Read More »

    Energy Problems

    I have many other Blogs.  One of which is  In a previous post to this blog, I have talked about what constitutes a terrorist.  One of the ideas which I have is of economic terrorists.  I took and put the envrionmentalist nuts into this particular group. These people have “nutted up” and, because they have the White House, the progressives have been able shut | Read More »


    Adding Up

    Big spending+high taxes+high unemployment+tea party=loss of the next election for a particular president (alleged-president) There are polls that say that the current alleged-president is going to get reelected.  Those particular polls are, I think, wrong.  Everyone knows that some polls are overweighted to the progressive side of the isle.  These particular polls are also worded in such a way that they get the answers the | Read More »

    And The Truth

    It is said; And the truth shall set you free. Politicians just can not seem to tell the truth on a consistent enough basis In terms of the things that they pass, if one does not read the bills, then is this not a lie?  If he or she says that me must have a certain bill but you know in your gut that we | Read More »

    Do Something Or They Will

    The Arizona state government is taking its cues from from its constituent people.  The Arizona public want the border controlled. The laws the are trying to pass will give the police the ability to stop the illegals and ask them for their papers. Do not get me wrong, I am not sure the laws will stand.  I will assume that the ACLU will bring suits.  | Read More »