Health Care Protest in Richmond **TOMORROW 11/20**

    If you live near Richmond, please consider attending.  Warner is considered “undecided” and no one ever knows the thought process of Jim Webb.  Meet up at either Senate office at 12:00!  Planned for 12 -2pm. Join Hundreds of Virginians in protesting the Senate’s Health Care Bill tomorrow! PLEASE stop by during your lunch hour. Vote in the Senate is expected on Saturday. Tell Warner and | Read More »

    10/17/09 Can you hear me now rallies in Richmond, VA

    I am not sure if these are going on all over the country, but this is a direct response to 9/12DC, when the rally cry was “Can you hear us now?”  From my local patriot group: For those of you who attended the 09.12.09 March on Washington you know that the rally cry was “Can You Hear Me Now’. With this rally cry moving forward, | Read More »

    Cantor (R- VA07) and Scott (D-VA03) at a “Public Square”

    I got notification from my local patriot group yesterday on a “discussion” hosted by the Richmond Times Dispatch.  Information is as follows: Richmond Times-Dispatch Public Square at Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond, VA Understanding Health-Care Reform Join us as Representatives Bobby Scott and Eric Cantor share their views on health-care reform and take your questions. This civil conversation is an opportunity to learn about the latest efforts | Read More »

    Obama speech not allowed in our school

    For what it is worth, my husband and I send our children to our local parish (Catholic) school.  I asked yesterday if they would have to watch the president’s speech.  They told me no and followed it up with an e-mail to all the families.  For our Bishop and diocean officials, this would be considered the beginning of growing a spine: We have received the | Read More »

    Eric Cantor (VA-07) had a “Campaign Advisory Meeting” tonight…

    There were many more people there than they are used to getting, by far.  I would say easily 500 people showed up to a campaign event that your were supposed to RSVP to attend.  It started out with traditional campaign type stuff, especially since we are voting for Governor this year.  When Mr. Cantor took the microphone, he knew it was a semi-friendly crowd.  I | Read More »

    Eric Cantor Advisory Committee meeting 8/17

    For all of my fellow VA-07 inhabitants, Rep Cantor is having one of his Advisory Committee meetings on Aug 17th.  It is open to the public, but you do need to RSVP.  I got the following e-mail from our local WST/Teaparty group: On August 17, Rep. Cantor will be holding an Advisory Committee Meeting. Constituents are encouraged to attend the event.  RSVP by August 12 | Read More »