Ron Paul is the path to GOP victory in 2012 and beyond

    It was a beautiful day here in Minnesota yesterday; we don’t often have temps in the 50s in January. I was at a GOP caucus planning meeting for my local BPOU yesterday evening, and we were taking the opportunity to discuss our Presidential candidates. We’ve got a Newt supporter, a Santorum supporter, some people who didn’t say a preference, and I’m a long time Paul | Read More »

    Socialism rampant in the GOP

    Conservative Republicans are known for their abhorrence of socialism. Why are we against a single payer health care system? Because that’s SOCIALISM. Why are we against bailouts? Because that’s SOCIALISM. Most Republicans recognize socialism as being anathema to our principled world view.   So why in the world do so many Republicans turn a blind eye to socialized education?   Socialized education presents the following | Read More »

    Open Letter to America’s Creditors

    Open Letter to America’s Creditors    The United States Federal Government is now over $14 Trillion in debt, with more borrowing on the way. These treasuries you’ve been purchasing provide the funds to create one of the most bloated, wasteful, and intrusive governments the world has ever seen.    Americans by the millions are becoming aware of the situation and, like me, are exerting an ever-growing political influence. | Read More »

    How to reduce government spending in one easy step

    How to reduce government spending (and fix the economy) in one easy step:   1) “NO DEAL”.  Representative Boehner and the Republicans in Congress hold a press conference and state the following: “The debt ceiling was put in place for a reason. Instead of mindlessly increasing it, we are going to require ‘President’ Obama to do his job and prioritize remittances. The American people can | Read More »

    De-funding tyranny

    Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past 20 years, you’re probably aware of the fact that the government of the United States is out of control. The chains of the Constitution have been disregarded for so long, they’re widely regarded as a joke. Government this big and this intrusive is not cheap. Tyranny is always expensive. In 1980 we sent Ronald Reagan to | Read More »

    The default bogeyman

    So Obama and little Timmy are threatening a default if they don’t get more borrowing authority.  Really? Payments on the Federal Debt were $164 Billion in 2010. Federal revenue was $2.381 Trillion.  So what is it they’re talking about defaulting on? Certainly they will have enough tax revenue to cover payments to our creditors. Unless there’s malfeasance on the part of the Obama regime (which there | Read More »

    Bounty Hunter

    With Wisconsin Democrat senators on the lam, I see a great opportunity for budding bounty hunters! Someone needs to set up a central website like for info sharing. All we need is just one WI Dem senator dragged across the border. Where’s Dog when you need him? Remember, Big Sis says, “If you see something, say something!”

    Democrats don’t hate the rich

    I keep hearing people say that Democrats hate the rich. It seems true, but is actually false; here’s why. It has to do with semantics. Consider the three classes: lower/poor, middle, upper/rich. To get from one class to the other you have to have a considerable income. Income is what makes you upwardly mobile. If you are middle class, in order to get to the | Read More »

    KT McFarland reveals lack of critical thinking skills

    KT McFarland just lost her marbles on Let’s be honest. No patriotic American likes the idea of those responsible for our national security being incapable of keeping secrets. That being said, KT’s proposed strategy for dealing with the wikileaks trainwreck is remarkably nonsensical. “Mr. Assange and his fellow hackers are terrorists and should be prosecuted as such.” Terrorists? Really? When’s the last time Mr. Assange | Read More »

    MN Democrats unable to cheat enough to prevent a recount in the Governor election

    It appears the Minnesota Governor election is going into a recount, automatically triggered by less than half a percentage point difference in the tally. The fraud attempted by Democrats this cycle wasn’t quite enough to prevent the recount. SOS Mark Ritchie – aka Acorn Boy – has experience in jerry-rigging recounts from when he engineered the great senate heist for Al Franken, but we also | Read More »