Politically Corrected: Why Mitt Romney Should Run in 2016

    You know you’re on the right track when a Libertarian laughs. This one laughed at me for suggesting what was, to him, unthinkable:  At the smash-hit TeaPartyPatriot 5th Anniversary Celebration, I, American citizen-serf, declared to the very

    B.Obama & The Terrible,Very Bad, Horrible, No-Good Day

    President Obama has quite a bit in common with Alexander. Judith Viorst’s not-so-fictional story describes a little boy’s day from hell in which everything goes wrong and everything’s his fault.  I’m betting roughly half

    Pocahontas Granddaughter Begs Sarvis to Withdraw From Virginia Race

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sarvis:  As Virginia lovers go to the polls on 5 November, our only chance to win rests with your immediate decision to be supremely unselfish and wise.  As long as you remain

    Pre-Election LoveLetter To My Friends at Safeway * Target * Costco

    Dear Friends, I’m the lady who shops in your stores and wears blue “Believe in America” T-shirts. I’m the one who supports with unusual fervor the America as founded and improved by brave, honest, common-sense patriots…from Washington to Lincoln, Douglass, Stowe, Tubman to King, Reagan, Bush, Hannity, deMint

    Never Trust a Man Who Grins

    Short , Sweet, True from MollyBWizer


    6 AM. Sergeant Thursday headed to Supreme Court to learn the facts. Predicts  majority decision of 9 justices will predate 6 November 2012:  a terrible, horrible, no-good mess will be repealed and replaced. Sore losers and

    DeathGate: Living and Dying With Liberals

    Something there is that doesn’t love a Liberal anymore. Many in power have become so toxic, even some Democrats are ready to wall them out. Struck by lethal evidence that Liberals don’t think or act like you and me, millions


    Nothing sharpens the mind like no jobs, high gas prices, bankruptcies, and the foolishness of corrupt officials…unless it’s a supermovie crafted by Liberals that tells the Conservative tale.  Like Gone With the Wind and The

    The Sounding Brass of Rick Santorum

    You don’t have to be born again to see the glory in Easter. You don’t  have to go to temple or church. You simply have to set aside every blinking apparatus and step outside. 

    A Letter to Callista From a Gingrich Fan

    Dear Callista: For several years, I’ve been a fan and admirer of your husband.  You also, but my letter is to, not about you. I’ve met and spoken to you