3 FOX Cable Anchors Gun for TRUMP

    It was painful to watch “The Donald” last night. Slammed out of the gate by all 3 top FOX Cable Anchors, Trump should have known the hit was on and done a better job of outsmarting them. There’s a difference between probing, professional debate questions and pre-planned individual sabotage.  Also, the debate audience couldn’t see what television viewers could: Disdain for and in 2 cases, visible | Read More »

    The Certain Trumpet

    Ages before Shakespeare and Austen, Corinthians 14 declared the dangers of “uncertain sound.” In Verse 8, an “uncertain” trumpet sounds weak, alerting enemies that they’re likely to win the war. From Hamlets to Colonels, William and Jane also knew the world is made up of “Certains” and  “Uncertains,” millions of us struggling “to be,” or condemned not to. As a young man, Prince Hamlet cogitated | Read More »

    Donald Trump: General Patton for President, 2016

    Now that he’s running for president, Donald John Trump reminds me more and more of George Smith Patton, Jr., the victorious World War II General who made the world safe for Liberals. Admired by most of his men and all Americans who wanted to stay that way, the great General Patton was despised by the weak and feared by the enemy. And he wasn’t even | Read More »

    The Unbearable LightHeadedness of John Roberts

    America’s Chief Justice has a problem. Twice wobbled by seizures, his brain has gone wobbly. To confirm, we may have to wait for this once brilliant man to die, well after all the damage has been done. Or we could soon learn a secret only his honest doctor knows for sure: is John Roberts on medications to help prevent seizures? If so, what are the | Read More »

    RE-FACE the NATION * CBS Sunday Re-Starts with a Smile * 6/7/2015

    A conservative talk-show host calls CBS’s very popular Sunday program “Slay the Nation.” Disgusted with Face the Nation‘s amiable insistence that nothing’s rotten in the state of Liberalism, one radio host declares that ignorance of such facts is helping to destroy America. Whatever your opinion on past percents, more than half the nation now knows Romney and the  radio host were right about that and | Read More »

    Binders, Brackets and Bullfeathers:

    Liberals condemn labels, but the language of God depends on them, starting with right and wrong; weak and strong; wise and foolish; winners and losers; apples and lemons; dead and alive. It seems God’s done everything to get American Libs to listen to His common sense code, but they keep kicking Him in the teeth. Every minute in this weedy flowered Garden, another LeftistLiberal commits and gets away with committing unbearably stupid, destructive acts. | Read More »

    Screw Your Cotton Courage, Congress: Impeach the Lawbreaker

    How many times must America hear that President Obama has broken our laws before Congress does its job? How many breaks will it take til they know that too many laws have been broke? How many lies will he tell til they know that too many lies have been told? How many deaths will it take ’til Congress actually acts, instead of going on FOX | Read More »

    President Obama: The Jihadist in Our Midst

    How do they kill the infidel, let us count the ways: Burn young Jordanian pilot alive to ashes. Behead children and parents. Stone, execute, bludgeon, hack, dismember people to death. Blindfold gays and push them off the roof. Shove people in wheelchairs from ships. Fly jets into buildings crammed with human beings. Build thousands of mosques in their country. Infiltrate, multiply, con, get elected to | Read More »

    Prime Minister Netanyahu: Today’s Churchill

    One of my favorite T-shirts says: A Politician Thinks of the Next Election.  A Statesman Thinks of the Next Generation.   Unless you’re one of today’s Liberals, historically proven to get almost every serious issue backwards, Benjamin Netanyahu is, by factual definition, the greatest living statesman the world has today. Last year, because of his courage, wisdom and demeanor in a world at least as | Read More »

    Dear Charles Krauthammer:

    Dear Dr. Krauthammer: Well before your bestsellling 2013 book, millions of careful Americans looked to you for wiser analysis of the “things that matter.” Desperately seeking solid, we rush to read your syndicated columns, to hear you speak, smiling or not, on FOX Cable News’ panels. Last year, on one of those panels, you declared that it would be “disastrous” to impeach President Obama, to indict him for “high crimes and misdemeanors” against our country. For the benefit of | Read More »