Confounding the Ignorant, Appalling the Free

Thank God for Shakespeare. No matter the day, his words have power to pop out and save it. Pick your play any day, you’ll find words as relevant as the word is is.

Unless you’re the devil in a pleasant shape, in which case you have no use for Shakespeare. Like the Bible, his complete works gather spores on your shelf, if they’re there at all.

Then again, you could be more like Iago, one of Shakespeare’s most insidious devils. You might tote the works like props and flout them at our peril. Pretending to be decent, you’d go around spreading poison, puffed up like an adder in odd headdresses.

Devilish as I am, common sense, courage, and honesty still matter to me. It’s the price I pay for being so retro. 

And when seeking Shakespearian salvation, I turn to tragedies, usually my favorite Hamlet.  

Like Proverbs and Psalms, Hamlet ‘s lessons leap towards me. The hero was so young, so fatherless, so confused. If he and his players don’t speak to all of us, they should…yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Actually, today I’m sick to my stomach, yet there’s still a chance for me to get well. 

First, I thank the Lord I’m not yet terminally ill, like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Sanford, Edwards, Spitzer, Boxer, Schumer, and Massa.

WIth the vote on ObamaCare hovering like a plague, I open my faded playbooks in search of a cure. Up pops Hamlet again.

Within seconds, I land on any old page in this brilliant tragedy. And there they are: phrases with laser-apps for all times. 

For good measure, and on the very same page, Shakespeare throws in a line about the devil’s power and “pleasing shape.” If this isn’t divine, dramatic Providence, I don’t know what is. 

OK, so you don’t have to read Shakespeare to know that in 2008, the majority of Americans were ignorant and confounded enough to vote for  Barack Obama…when America was 18 again, voting with emotions, hormones, guilt, herd mentalities, and zero common sense.

You don’t have to know Hamlet to realize what happened over a year later: the majority of free Americans, even those who didn’t vote that way, are appalled by the volume of Obama’s vices.

You also don’t have to read Shakespeare to recognize man-made devils bent on sticking it to the masses. Call them evil, devil, Iago, Judas, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, whatever you choose. Whatever you call them-they thrive; we dive. 

Throughout history, on or off stage, in or out of worship, the good guys never behave like Obama, Pelosi and Co. In short order, or at long last, the bad guys have no decency. Eventually, someone calls them on it. 

Even Liberal voters care about jobs, food, shelter, and reforms that work. Even Liberals scorn DMV and US Post Offices. Even Liberals overspend, but at least most know it’s wrong and has to be stopped. 

Haven’t they seen enough tragedies to know that when tyrants get their way, all of us, not them, end up sick, suffering, subjugated, or dead before our time?

At long last, where are the decent Democrats willing to support Republicans in this timeless, classic understanding?

Or is every last one of them lost in Hamlet’s long lethal struggle “to vote” or “not to vote”?

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