'Vir acer et infestus potentiae nobilitatis.' I have waded into deep waters, remaining motionless lest any cavitation alert my prey. I am an American wild animal. The trappings of civilization are meant to deceive. Shibboleth, look upon me, and despair.


    A Memorial Day Prayer

    For all the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.  For the Guardsmen, and Reservists.  Honor everlasting belongs to you.  Soldiers of America.  Your courage is your legacy, and our inspiration.  By your example do we draw strength. For those who gave their lives, and made the ultimate sacrifice.  Words alone cannot express our sorrow.  Our love follows you to the highest heights of Heaven.  You who | Read More »

    Liberalism is a Recruitment Tool for the Right

    President Obama, your policies are causing Conservatives to muster.  I suppose that means you’ll be closing up shop and going home.  That’s the ‘logic’ when it comes to America continuing to hold terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. They say Gitmo is a rallying point and recruitment tool for terrorists.  They say a lot of things.  Cheap talk from empty suits. The Senate just voted to keep | Read More »

    A Nation of Maws–Radicalizing America

    “Secretary Napolitano, you’ve got a call from crazy.” “Put it right through.” Why do liberals cloak their rubric in battlefield terminology?  It’s always about wars to be waged, and the battles ahead.  “If you’re not with us, you’re with the enemy.”  This from cowards and shirkers, who never served, or preserved, a decent thing in their lives. The FBI has ferreted out another group of | Read More »

    More Liberal Insanity Brought into the Light

    “Those whom God wishes to destroy, He first drives mad.”  –Euripides What is the mental state of the common American Liberal?  They wish to be seen as compassionate and altruistic.  Greedy and conspiratorial is more like it.  And that glint in their eyes–pure madness. As if you needed it, further proof of Liberal instability, here are some of their greatest hits. Over at the Daily | Read More »

    Animal Lovers

    I was just out walking my dog.  He tripped me up, and I went down in a heap.  Not my most graceful moment, to be sure.  A woman was nearby, watering her plants.  She didn’t say a word as I got up and examined my injuries.  Thinking she might call the cops if I hauled off and whacked my dog in the butt, I let | Read More »

    The Comment Filmthreat Dared Not Post

    [So there’s this article over at Filmthreat.  It’s an Entertainment/Movie Review site in case you haven’t heard of it.  The article is about a movie from 1967.  ‘Scrooge McDuck, and Money,’ it’s called, by Phil Hall.  Here is the link.  I can promise you that Tim Geithner watched it as a boy.  It’s probably the single greatest inspiration in his life, beyond wanting to | Read More »

    Are Guillotines and Gibbets Being Built by People Across America

    Government must never pick winners and losers, or it will turn losers into winners.  What redress shall the people have, when the very system has slipped into such mania.  By Fiat, the government can do nothing but harm. How can the same people who plundered the House Bank and embezzled from the Congressional House Post Office now manage Economic Recovery?  Go see for yourself.  Search | Read More »

    GM is soon to announce its new concept-the Obama.

    The future is here, brought to you by the bailed-out engineers at USGMAC. First, let’s not even call it a car.  That’s been deemed racist, or sexist.  Or both.  This is activism with its training wheels off.  A green-dream-machine given form.  Except there won’t be any machinery to speak of.  The only working cog will be the operator. Marvel at the first car designed by | Read More »

    For Want of a Nail

    Be Careful What You Wish For Liberals.  It’s almost within your collective grasp.  Don’t trip. The disparate Left will soon implode.  Its center cannot hold.  The sublimated segments that make up that rough beast won’t remain cohesive for long.  Recalcitrant interest groups won’t agree on anything.  Everyone wants to cut in line, and get first-dibs on the good grub.  Such is the case with those | Read More »

    Clean Energy

    “Clean energy” is just a code for “clean us out.”  Money will be phased away, replaced by biodegradable green credits.  I hope they’ll be edible, because that’s all we’ll have left, by the Left.  Energy is a hustle for expansionist government. Fascism always comes from the Left.  First, they infiltrate and fracture the Right, and implode it from within.  Check.  They choke the courts, commandeer | Read More »