I am a single parent, professional self-employed tailor, homeschooler to three wonderful kids, pro-life, very socially conservative, and Byzantine Catholic.


    I Refuse to be Motivated by Pity.

    At one of my children’s latest 4-H meetings, they (the kids) voted to do a service project called the “Carry On Suitcase Project”. This program collects new and gently used suitcases, packed with age- and gender-appropriate personal hygiene items, books and toys, and distributes them to domestic abuse shelters and foster care agencies. To paraphrase the comments about this program by one of the adult | Read More »

    Treating the Symptom Instead of the Disease

    A link to this article came through my Facebook feed recently. According to the article, child abuse in West Virginia is declining, but the group “Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia” is advocating a three-pronged approach to further reducing the incidence of child abuse throughout the state. The first item on their agenda, which can be seen if you scroll down the article to the embedded | Read More »

    How I got on my county GOP committee

    I was originally going to post this as a comment to this post, but I decided to make it an entry in my diary because there might be folks out there like me who took a few years to get their wheels under them, so to speak. Until 2009 I’d never participated in a protest, never worked a political campaign, never put signs in my | Read More »

    Endorsements are no substitute for research

    I’m no pundit, just an opinionated pro-life homeschooling conservative. The backstory of this is that I got campaign signs from the local hq for most of the conservative candidates for the 2010 Midterms, and put them in my yard.  One of them didn’t have a wicket, so I stuck it in the dining room window.  The sign in my window endorsed Judge Yoder for a | Read More »