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    Virginia to Challenge Obama Care Insurance Mandates

    Bob Marshall, Virginia’s 13th district representative to House of Delegates, has introduced the Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act to challenge the insurance mandates in the federal “Health Care Reform” bills on the hill in Washington. From Bob’s e-mail: Congress has NEVER, in 220 years, mandated that individuals purchase any private service or good, until now. Both the House and Senate health insurance “reform” bills approved by | Read More »

    Coming Soon – National Curricula for Most Public Schools in the US

    The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) is a voluntary, state-run effort, backed by the US Department of Education, to draft and implement a common core of grade level specific academic standards for Math and English in every public school in the nation.  The effort is heralded as a bi-partisan initiative of the National Governor’s Association, with 48 states, two US territories, and the District | Read More »

    House GOP’s Health Care Plan – HR 3400

    Did you know that the GOP has a health care bill?   Amazingly, it does.  A fellow RedStater pointed it out to me on another forum. It’s HR 3400, has been proposed in the House, and goes by the name Empowering Patients First Act. You can find the bill summary on Tom Price’s site or read the full text of it at gov track linked above. | Read More »

    Three Blind Mice

    In the latest in the move to nationalize the public schools, the groups leading the Common Core Initiative, namely the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, are looking for partners to endorse their effort. I have to admit that it all sounds wonderful. A common core of fewer, clearer, higher standards which states could voluntarily* adopt and a uniform assessment | Read More »

    Nationalizing Public Schools

    Public education in the United States is broken. American children spend less time in class covering fewer topics with less depth than children in many other nations. American students are consistently outperformed by students from other nations in math and science, according to both the PISA and TIMMS assessments.  American companies no longer look in America to find the best and brightest engineers and math | Read More »

    Is it time for the GOP to be Pro-Choice?

    Pro Educational Choice, that is…… For some time I’ve been involved in a fight in my local community to get rid of a mathematics curriculum I think is remedial.  The group fighting to bring real math back to our schools has pushed the county school board to dump the remedial program and adopt a more rigorous program.  To be honest, until recently we hadn’t accomplished | Read More »

    GOP leaders says schools know best – parents should shut up..

    and take a back seat because they, the professional educators, are smarter and know better than parents do. **** Post revised due to my poor grammar and overly emotional rant ******* I agree with him in a sense, because professional educators do know more about teaching children than non-professional educators do, however, that doesn’t mean elected school board members should ignore parents concerns or brush | Read More »

    Prince William County, VA in the news again….

    This time it’s not because the county Board of Supervisors have decided to enforce the rule of law regarding illegal immigration, it’s because the county School Board is set to consider giving parents control over how their children are taught and with what materials. How could something so shocking happen? Well, it all started in 2006 when PWC selected a controversial mathematics program called Investigations | Read More »