I'm a blue collar American. I love my country, but hate the way it's being run. Nuff' said.


    What Kind of Future Do We Want?

    I heard somewhere recently that when dealing with the future, we need to be deliberate in our considerations on how to move forward. “Designing the future” they called it. This got me thinking a bit about the clash between the non-stop raft of current emergencies and figuring out how to move beyond them. From my perspective, we just seem to be reacting to things that | Read More »

    Dangerous Right-Wing Extremists: That means YOU mister!

    Ahhh, yes. The old shift-the-attention-of-law-enforcement-towards-people-you-don’t -agree-with trick. Yup, we should’ve seen this coming folks. We stand up and protest the actions of the governent and instead of focusing on our grievances and taking action to address said grievances they tell the cops that we’re “dangerous right-wing extremists”. You may be thinking to yourselves “Yes yes, we’ve heard this one already. The whole Missouri State memo | Read More »

    Obama is fighting for us….yay.

    So, yesterday the Obammessiah gave a press confrence to talk about GM and Chrysler and how the government did not want to run either company. He also made a comment about how canning Rick Wagoner was not a critique of Wagoner, but a chance for GM to find a new vision and a new direction. So in essence, “We are not bashing your vision or | Read More »

    Blood is shooting out of my eyes.

    I’m so frustrated with the way that our government is spending money and writing new laws to take away our freedom. What happened to checks and balances? Where is the supreme court? Why are the supremes not stepping in and reigning in congress like they are supposed to? How is it that the Fed can print up a trillion (with a T!) dollars and not | Read More »