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    So who did Muhammad have killed?

    By now, unless you’ve been living anywhere but under a rock, you’ve heard about Obama trying to take Christians down a notch, “We see sectarian war in Syria, the murder of Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, religious war in the Central African Republic, a rising tide of anti-Semitism and hate crimes in Europe, so often perpetrated in the name of religion. …. Unless we get on our high | Read More »

    I’m Not Going to Argue About the Process

    This week in government control we have two excellent examples of how authorities misuse the legal processes to do their job. Law enforcement agents are experts in what they can legally do and better, what they can get away with. It’s part of the tribal knowledge they use to get what they want. In a nice short video that moves well, we see a case | Read More »

    A Race Story not About Ferguson

    This week there was a video posted to live leak showing a man arrested across the street from a Hot Spot gas station for not cooperating with police. I’ve been past that gas station. It’s at the border between the nice part of town and the not so nice part. If the guy goes straight, instead of being pulled over, there’s a nice homey antique | Read More »

    A Bit of History and the Definition of The Flat Tax

    Last week I wrote that it’s time for a flat tax.  It’s fair. It’s simple. There’s no need for an army of naturally biased bureaucrats to enforce it. My search for information on the different flavors of the Flat Tax has led me to, of all places, NPR. That’s right. The government sponsored news and entertainment organization of Michael Feldman, the Magliozzi brothers and Nina | Read More »

    Time to start talking about a Flat Tax

    If we think two seconds about it, we can all figure out where Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS intimidation and the AP wiretapping are going. Government is corrupting. Our founding fathers knew this. Conservatives know this. The vast majority of Americans know this. In fact, even the Left knows this and has created Critical Legal Theory to explain how human nature manifests itself into objectively | Read More »

    The Rich Will Always Be With You

    Listening to our president lately it seems as if he is a different reality. How can he say “The private sector is doing fine” or “We tried our plan and it worked!” or the completely bizarre “You didn’t build that”? By any objective measure these things just simply are not true. It would be easy to say the guy is just losing it. In a | Read More »

    The United States Budget Dilemma

    There is a video going around called “United States Budget Dilemma”.  It’s a great video, made better by its slow pace and the credibility that an innocent party brings to the topic.  Watch it. I want to add “Level II” to our understanding of the budget dilemma fundamentals.  In the video, the author references the numbers for 2012 in the President’s proposed 2013 budget where | Read More »

    The Yin and Yang of Progressivism, The Buffett Rule, CO2 and Dan Savage

    The Yin and Yang symbol is used to show how the beginning of one thing resides in the full being of its opposite.  It’s origins, black beginning in white and white beginning in black, goes back to the notion that the coming of night begins at high noon and the coming of day begins at midnight. Progressivism is usually defined as trying to change things | Read More »

    A good businessman or a good salesman?

    In the pending argument over the interest rates charged for student loans, Mitt Romney has already capitulated, deciding to go against conservatives and support Obama’s proposal to extend current rates, 2.36% (depending), rather than the forthcoming 6.8% (depending). Today’s outrageous student loan debt just doesn’t make sense to a businessman.  The debt some students take on is simply irrational.  Students can take on a | Read More »

    Gun owners cannot act like children

    Carrying a gun is a big decision.  A gun is a tool that when needed is the best tool to have.  It is a powerful tool.  A person who carries such a powerful tool has at least a moral responsibility to act in a proper manner.  They should not go looking for a fight.  They should not talk in a way that causes people to | Read More »