Sarah Palin mesmerizes….

    I found this link from a comment on,7340,L-3591532,00.html An Isreali man who was living in Los Angeles, California. He is 52 and a former fighter pilot in Isreal. He went to alaska for the first time in 1983. “I made it a point to come back to Alaska every three years or so, since. It’s a very hard country. The real final frontier. | Read More »

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    Iowahawk’s epic poem.

    If you have never heard of Iowahawk check out his latest post. Fair warning, slightly crude language used but it’s used for humor. I laughed out loud on several occasions reading his latest entry. I am sure most people have heard of this blog, but I wanted to share this with anyone who may not. Classic poetry describing (with extremely heavy doses of sarcasim) Obama’s | Read More »

    Why do Republicans have to hide in hollywood?

    This is a great read abut what conservatives in hollywood are going through. I think it is amazing that they have to creep around and have secret meeting for fear of their jobs or reputations. There are several memorable quotes in the article and I reccoment reading it all. (H/T HotAir) This stood out at me as one of the best: Eventually, the conversation turns | Read More »

    Self-sacrafice and brotherly love.

    This is an amazing story and I felt I had to share it. Link L/Cpl Matthew Croucher will become part of a select of group of just 20 living George Cross holders when the Queen awards him the medal, which is given for acts showing the same level of heroism as the Victoria Cross. Stories like this inspired me to join the Military. One thing | Read More »

    A temporary cure for the blues.

    I saw this and it cheered me up instantly. This doesn’t have anything to do with politics. This is just an example of the one thing that every person on the planet has in common. Laughter is contagious I get a little freaked out once in a while when I read about some of the things happening in our country. Sometimes it seems like I | Read More »

    A vote for McCain is a vote for racisim.

    “Mr. Paterson, who supported Senator Clinton throughout her campaign and was a Clinton super-delegate before endorsing Mr. Obama after Mrs. Clinton conceded, cast the presidential race in stark racial terms, saying its outcome would decide whether the nation could finally move beyond its legacy of slavery and segregation.” this is from: Does anyone else think that it is funny that Mr. Paterson voted against | Read More »