I'm a liberal, be warned.... Yes, a real liberal pacifist feminist tree-hugging hippie chick. I post here because Redstate is a very fine message board with intelligent posters and great moderators. It's hard to find intelligent civil conversation about politics. I think it is impossible to analyze your views intelligently unless you have discussions with people who disagree with you. This is one of the few places where I've found I've been able to have civil, intelligent, productive discussions with people who may disagree with me on some things about politics. I do try to respect the fact this is a Conservative home. If anyone feels I am being a bad houseguest, please let me know. As for other information about me, I'm a computer tech working for a large corporate entity supporting a larger corporate entity, I live in a conservative area of the country, and while I may be a flaming liberal in many ways I have found that I am not quite the most liberal liberal that ever libbed over this last election cycle.