I am a lawyer. That fact alone should lead you to distrust me. The practice of law has lead to such divisiveness in our society. Most lawyers are liberal thinkers who view the Constitution as a living breathing document that grows and changes. I view it as the written word of a great philosphical movement where one's freedom was guarenteed. That guarantee, however, is too often paid in blood from heroes who are our own fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, as well as those women who have made the sacrifice that keeps us all free. I know this doesn't shed much light on my biographical background, but who am I without those inalienable rights endowed by my Creator? I am nothing, I'm a third world refugee from a government ready to abuse me. With them I am not just another person. I am guarenteed freedom. I am able to become educated in this the greatest nation. I am one of millions who understands, no matter your background, if you believe like me that we are wardens of liberty and that each and every one of us has the right to express our own thoughts and try to persuade others, then we will continue to perpetuate the greatest experiment in the history of humankind. We will continue to be Americans.


    The Supreme Court Clubs our Civil Liberties with 14th Amendment

    In a very strange short story by author Kurt Vonnegut, the concept of equality is parodied.  Harrison Bergeron is the story of a person living in the utopian world of the future, a world where everyone is truly and finally equal under the guidance of the government.  Anyone who knows the story knows that the “solution” is a colossal failure.  Anyone who knows the story | Read More »

    While you were asleep… North Carolina could go to the Democrats

    Isn’t there any Republican in North Carolina who stand up for conservatives?  Latest polls show the faux Republican is going to lose.  Really?  In North Carolina? Yes, there are campaigns for Republican governors in 2015 out there that are important.  Don’t get lost in the election that is still a year and a half away. Comments anyone?  

    Carly Fiorina

    The Presidential elections that have just barely begun, according to the left leaning media has already claimed its first victims.  Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson need not apply for the position.  The reason according to the NewYorker magazine is that they are not old white men. The real question is whether the conservatives from Red State will exclude them?  It seems to be a habit | Read More »

    This is what Fundamentally Transformative Means.

    We now live in a country, the United States, that has been fundamentally transformed as Barack Obama has promised.  It’s important to remind you all who the country is that has implemented this completely new direction, the United States.  The result of this transformation leaves us with this picture. Obama and the American leftists, after using government funds to oust Benjamin Netanyahu as the Prime Minister of Israel, | Read More »

    The New York Times rounds up the “usual suspects” in Mississippi.

    The NY Times printed the “usual suspects” response to the McDaniel win in Mississippi, and it is worth examination to understand what is really going on in the Senate elections this year.  Yes, I said the McDaniel WIN.  What the leftists at the NY Times deny is that there is a conservative resurgence in this country.  That resurgence, in order to gain the light of | Read More »

    Disgusted Erick! That you would support McConnell!

    Just a short comment about the big win in Kentucky for Mitch McConnell. This morning began with the article by Erick Erickson, about how we should now support McConnell and even send him money. This was no surprise win.  It was expected so, it doesn’t change a thing.  Most of us have been saying for months now that the strategy that we conservatives must employ | Read More »

    May 20th, Senate Primaries

    Today, May 19th, we get to hear about how horrible these Tea Party “extremists” are.  No, that was Karl Rove, and Mitch McConnell, not Harry Reid, oh, I mean it was also Harry Reid.  Apparently, these boys play in the same circles.  Tomorrow, voters get to decide.  And Wednesday, we will get to read such stalwarts of knowledge as the New York Times as they | Read More »

    Capsule View of 2014 Republican Senate Races

    Here they are in alphabetical order, the 15 Republican Seats up for election in 2014. Alabama               RED STATE WINNER Jeff Sessions has already wrapped up this seat.  He is the incumbent.  He has no primary opponent, and there’s no Democrat running against him. Georgia                  LEANING COMFORTABLY RED Saxby Chambliss retired. | Read More »

    Only in Texas!

    Oh no, they haven’t seceded from the union… yet.  But, maybe they should.  It seems they get it right when it comes to the founding principals of our nation.  It seems they get it right when it comes to taxes and jobs, and protecting the middle class.  It seems they get it right when they choose a political direction too.  All of this while the | Read More »

    North Carolina Primary May 6th. Today!!!

    Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 6th, 2014, North Carolina will select the next US Senator from their state.   I say this with the confidence that whomever wins the Republican primary will be the candidate who will win in the general election against the incumbent Kay Hagen, the Democrat. It seems that all one has to mention in this red state is the fact that a candidate | Read More »