I am a lawyer. That fact alone should lead you to distrust me. The practice of law has lead to such divisiveness in our society. Most lawyers are liberal thinkers who view the Constitution as a living breathing document that grows and changes. I view it as the written word of a great philosphical movement where one's freedom was guarenteed. That guarantee, however, is too often paid in blood from heroes who are our own fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, as well as those women who have made the sacrifice that keeps us all free. I know this doesn't shed much light on my biographical background, but who am I without those inalienable rights endowed by my Creator? I am nothing, I'm a third world refugee from a government ready to abuse me. With them I am not just another person. I am guarenteed freedom. I am able to become educated in this the greatest nation. I am one of millions who understands, no matter your background, if you believe like me that we are wardens of liberty and that each and every one of us has the right to express our own thoughts and try to persuade others, then we will continue to perpetuate the greatest experiment in the history of humankind. We will continue to be Americans.


    Cotton’s not gaining on Pryor, Why?

    This is one of the most important Senate races in 2014.  Mark Pryor, the leader of the “we voted for it, but we didn’t really like it,” group of panicked Democratic Senate candidates running from ObamaCare is worried.  This race is one where the Red State Strategy demands a victory.  Returning Pryor as Arkansas’ lone Democrat senator could mean that the Republicans would not take | Read More »

    Latest Senate Polls

    In a January 30th, 2014 poll just released by polling group Purple Strategies the New Hampshire Senate race is even between the incumbent Democrat Jean Shaheen and former Republican Senator Scott Brown, even though he hasn’t even entered the race.  Wow!  That says a lot about her popularity that she can ‘t even beat someone who is’t even running yet. In North Carolina, Democrat Kay | Read More »

    If you like your country you can keep your country: Part II, Democrats Seats

      Democratic Senate Races 2014 There are a total of 21 Democratic Senate seats up for election.  Next we’ll look at the states that were competitive in the 2012 Presidential Election. If the Republicans hold all their seats and turn 6 they will take control of the Senate.  In part one I looked at those Democrat Seats that appear safe at this time.  This article | Read More »

    If you like your country you can keep it!

    Democratic Senate Races 2014   There are a total of 21 Democratic Senate seats up for election.   If the Republicans hold all their seats and turn 6 they will take control of the Senate.   There are nine seats that were considered safely in Democratic hands: (as of 11-26-13) However, it is clear that the train wreck that is Obamacare that the Democrats are | Read More »

    Support Matt Bevin in Kentucky against Mitch McConnell

    If he’s going down, we should turn to someone with new fresh ideas.  That may be the thinking of conservative voters in Kentucky when it comes to the Senate race and Mitch McConnell.  McConnell can whine all he wants about being put in a primary race  before he would have to face the formidable challenge from an attractive up and coming Kentucky Democrat but he | Read More »

    Senate Elections 2014, PLEASE COMMENT

    Here on Red State, I have been reading many comments about the Senate Elections in 2014.  There seems to be the same indignation and disgust regarding the direction of our government now as there was back during the 2010 elections.  Both elections are off year elections.   Everyone should understand this year we need important victories to gain control of the Legislature.  One thing that | Read More »

    NSA Appropriate and Necessary Actions

    I cannot believe how many people have taken the position that the actions of the NSA, tracking phone calls, e-mails and web searches are appropriate and necessary measures for national security.  In a Breitbart article today it was pointed out that there are so many reasons why this is a bad idea. Forget they claim that attacks were thwarted based on these over-reaching intrusive programs. | Read More »

    To the Obama Administration Holder is Just a Public Relations Problem

    On Meet the Press on Sunday, Eric Holder is heard testifying before Congress denying any knowledge of a criminal prosecution of journalists. “With regard to the potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, that is not something that…um, I’ve ever been involved with, or heard of, or think would be a wise policy.” The White House seems to be in full denial | Read More »

    So, Whatever Happened to All that TARP Money?

    I had no idea.  Until I read this article in Rolling Stone I was buying into the fraud that the TARP program may have saved our nation.  First, don’t get hung up on the obvious liberal montras that “It’s all Bush’s fault.”  There is plenty of that in the article.  Get beyond that however, and you will learn that Wall Street is the biggest recipient | Read More »

    Social Issues Still Matter

    Many on this site cannot understand the gay community. Many outside this site cannot understand the issues within the gay community. So, this diary is not written to address the issue of same-sex marriage, except that Mary Maitland said on Sunday that the issue of same sex marriage is insignificant when compared to the devastating impact of the single parent household in this country. Single | Read More »