I am a lawyer. That fact alone should lead you to distrust me. The practice of law has lead to such divisiveness in our society. Most lawyers are liberal thinkers who view the Constitution as a living breathing document that grows and changes. I view it as the written word of a great philosphical movement where one's freedom was guarenteed. That guarantee, however, is too often paid in blood from heroes who are our own fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, as well as those women who have made the sacrifice that keeps us all free. I know this doesn't shed much light on my biographical background, but who am I without those inalienable rights endowed by my Creator? I am nothing, I'm a third world refugee from a government ready to abuse me. With them I am not just another person. I am guarenteed freedom. I am able to become educated in this the greatest nation. I am one of millions who understands, no matter your background, if you believe like me that we are wardens of liberty and that each and every one of us has the right to express our own thoughts and try to persuade others, then we will continue to perpetuate the greatest experiment in the history of humankind. We will continue to be Americans.


    Leadership in the New Congress

    The most important thing that will happen when a split congress comes together in 2011 is the selection of leadership positions.  It’s easy to shift your attention from the Senate and Congressional races that just concluded to the Presidential election of 2012.  Not so fast! The most important vote that the new congress will begin with is the selection of leadership positions.  With Mike Pence | Read More »

    George was killed the other day.

    George was killed the other day.  Ambushed in his front yard, standing next to the woman he loved and the boy whom he called his own.  One shot to the heart.  This took place not in Iraq or a tough ghetto in Detroit or even in West Palm Beach.  This murder took place in Palm Beach Gardens in a quiet suburban neighborhood made up of | Read More »

    Go West America!

    Down here in Florida we have a congressional race that epitomizes the battle in the fight to take back America.  Ron Klein is the Democrat incumbant in C.D. 22.  District 22 is a sliver of land that runs from Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale) to the Palm Beach County line.  Ron Klein has held this seat for four years after defeating Republicam moderate E.Clay Shaw.  Shaw | Read More »

    I don’t hear anyone mention Kelly Ayotte

    She defeated a candidate who attempted to paint her as a liberal and tried  to destroy her by distorting the truth.  That’s exactly the type of candidate I can’t stand.  (See Mike Castle)  When Rick Scott was successful in that tactic against a true conservative Republican, I was told to shut up and support him because he’s now our candidate.  (I have to add, when | Read More »

    It appears that Obama believes that his sagging economy needs a boost.

    Of course, his ridiculous story line is that the stimulus is working, (just not as good as it should, because of George W. Bush.)  No really, the economy is not really that bad.  (never mind that unemployment is at nearly 10% nationally, and almost 15% in several states including Harry Reid’s, never mind that forclosures are continuing to flood the housing market at unsustainable rates.)  | Read More »

    Harry Reid is the Leader of Delusional Democrats

    In the fight of his politcal life Harry Reid once again has stepped up to show he is truly the Democrat’s leader.  In a show of that leadership he has broken with the President taking a position against the building of a mosque near ground zero in New York.  In doing so Sharron Angle welcomed Harry to the correct side of the issue. However, Sharron | Read More »

    Get off your buts…

    This is the most important congressional election in our lifetime.  Carl Rove (I am not a big fan of his) said today on Hanity that he projects a gain of 37 seats in the U.S. House this year.  That would leave the Republicans as the minority party.  Congressional Quarterly has worse numbers (what else would you expect from CQ?) than that.  But what is | Read More »

    Tuesday Primaries in 3 States

    Three states will choose ccongressional candidates this Tuesday, Missouri, Kansas and Michigan.  In two of those states, Missouri and Kansas, they will select new Senatorial Candidates, with the retirement of Sam Brownback (R) KS, and “Kit” Bond (R) MO. The Missouri senate race is pretty much a done deal as two big family names will clash for the seat.  Democrat Secretary of State Robin Carnahan | Read More »

    The Eyes of Texas on Congress

    Texas has the first of the congressional primaries taking place this Tuesday, and there are a few interesting races to keep your radar screen.  The first race is the District 4 race.  The incumbant, Ralph Hall, is a former Democrat who became a Republican and has served the district for many years.  One of the issues he has been facing is a constituency that wonders whether he | Read More »

    Special Election Next Week

    This Tuesday, on February 2nd, Florida will hold the primary for the 19th congressional district seat vacated by Robert Wexler.  The Democrats include Peter Deutch who is the self appointed successor of Robert, “I don’t even live around here” Wexler.  The other Domocrat is Ben Graber a Democrat thorn in Wexler’s side and anti-war on terror liberal in the mold of Pelosi. The Republican field | Read More »