Morton C. Blackwell has served as the National Committeeman of the Republican Party of Virginia since 1988. Professionally, Morton Blackwell is the president of the Leadership Institute, a non-partisan educational foundation he founded in 1979. His institute prepares conservatives for success in politics, government and the news media. Over the years the Leadership Institute has trained more than 76,000 students. It currently has revenue of $12.7 million per year and a staff of 58. In youth politics, Mr. Blackwell was a College Republican state chairman and a Young Republican state chairman in Louisiana. He served on the Young Republican National Committee for more than a dozen years, rising to the position of Young Republican National Federation national vice chairman at large. Off and on for five years, 1965-1970, he worked as executive director of the College Republican National Committee under four consecutive College Republican national chairmen. He served on the Louisiana Republican state central committee for eight years. First elected to the Arlington County (Virginia) Republican Committee in 1972, he is a member of the Virginia Republican state central committee and was first elected in 1988 as Virginia


    Please join me in supporting Ted Cruz.

    I have decided to endorse Ted Cruz and to urge other serious conservatives to join me in supporting Cruz.

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    Urgent amendments to the national rules of the Republican Party

    Help me correct what I see is a very dangerous problem in the current national Rules of the Republican Party, please try to influence Republican leaders you know to support the corrective amendments to the national party rules that I shall propose next week as the RNC meets in Charleston, South Carolina.

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    Picking a Presidential Nominee in 2016

    If enough conservatives unite, they can nominate and elect any of the more conservative Republican presidential candidates. So there’s every reason for conservatives to try hard now to unite in support of a candidate they believe would be the most determined and effective conservative President possible.

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    Who should get the blame for a government shutdown

    To preserve the Founding Fathers’ constitutional order, everyone who favors limited government should refuse to accept the claim that the Congress is responsible for a government shutdown.

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    Avoiding Big Trouble at the Cleveland Convention

    Below is an email I have sent to all members of the Republican National Committee.  It contains my solution to an unnecessary problem that could become a thermonuclear stink bomb at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. During the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, our Virginia delegation and many others were outraged during the roll call of the states to name our presidential | Read More »

    Do You Want to be a National Convention Delegate?

    The Big Convention comes only once every four years. It’s too good an opportunity to miss.

    If you plan carefully, work hard, and keep alert for good breaks, you may make a difference at a national convention. And you’ll learn a lot.

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    The 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination

    The short duration of the 2016 presidential primary period, the large number of conservatives likely to run for president, and the much smaller number of establishment Republicans likely to be in the race combine to increase greatly the possibility that an establishment Republican will win the 2016 nomination.

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    Oppose the trend toward centralization of power in our party structure.

    Please see below the text of an email that I just sent to RNC Chairman Preibus. Morton Blackwell Virginia Republican National Committeeman *** Dear Reince, I ask you to back off from supporting some of the proposed changes to the Rules of the Republican Party being presented this week to the RNC Standing Committee on Rules for approval and then to the full Republican National | Read More »

    What’s the Real Nature of Conservative Politics?

    Political terms mean different things in different countries, and they mean different things in the same countries at different times. In the United States and across the world in the 19th Century, the word “liberal” described someone primarily concerned about liberty. Over the years, the word “liberal,” deliberately adopted by the left in the United States, has come to mean here someone committed to, among | Read More »

    To fight or not to fight

    Is the high-profile fight over funding of Obamacare is helping or hurting conservatives? Had there not been the fight over its funding, undoubtedly Obamacare would already have been fully funded.  Grassroots conservatives’ enthusiasm would be much less than it currently is, and their enthusiasm is absolutely necessary for conservative victories in coming elections and legislative battles. Whether they admit it or not, the official Republican | Read More »