Public Option, R.I.P.

For months, two notorious, wicked, evil, immoral brothers — Public Option and Co-op Option — terrorized the country.  One day, Public Option died and his brother, Co-op Option, was given the responsibility of organizing the funeral.  He went far and wide to find a minister who would officiate at the ceremony, but alas, he could find none.

The clergy hesitation wasn’t due to their fear or callousness, but rather due to the surviving brother’s requirement that the appointed minister describe at the funeral his Public Option brother as a “Great Man.”  None of the ministers could ethically do so.

However, a little known minister who went by the name Mark O’Bryan (MOB) finally volunteered.

At the funeral, millions of citizens attended or viewed the ceremonies, not out of interest in the deceased Public Option, but rather to see if Rev. O’Bryan would actually compromise himself by calling Brother Public Option a “great man.”

When Rev. Mark O’Bryan stood to give the eulogy, he said, “We all know that Public Option was a most vile, wicked, evil, immoral person.   But compared to his brother…………”

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