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    President Barack Alinsky

    Personalities vary. Bill Clinton’s a policy wonk. He has the ability to cite facts and figures about any topic until your eyes glaze over but can charm the listener through strength of personality. George W. Bush, not so much; he often speaks more from principle and emotion than charts and statistics. He sometimes trips over the words, but the principles are always there, underlying. Do | Read More »

    Lame duck rant

    To me, one of the many mysteries about our federal government has always been this concept of a ‘lame duck’ Congress. I can understand transition time for the President, being elected in early November, and assuming office in mid-January. Especially now, with the gargantuan size of the Executive branch, it takes awhile to move in and attempt to populate the place with your own folks. | Read More »

    The last day of the semester was yesterday; what we did in class.

    We’re at the end of our semester and two things have occurred; one, the students, bless their hearts, have managed to give me a raging head-cold (my nose runneth over), and two, the Learning Objectives have all been mostly attained, leaving me a wee bit of ‘empty’ classroom time. So, as in years past, I’ve used my instructor discretion and brought in my pocket hard | Read More »

    My new Senator (Kirk-IL-R) starts off on the wrong foot.

    He, of course, voted in favor of S-510, the new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. I cannot say I’m surprised, but can say, at least he’s in good company. That sure didn’t take long…*burns Kirk yard sign*.

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    On GOTV and 72 Hour plans

    In all the post mortem talk from last week, I’ve seen mention of a lack of GOTV and the famed 72 hour plan of the RNC, greatly lamented, unimplemented this year as not cost-effective. It cost us otherwise winnable seats, where was the money, where were the DC staffers, etc. I’m a beginner. I’ve watched from the sidelines for decades. I listened in person to | Read More »


    And now a shameless commercial message

    After some scheduling snafus in May, I attended the American Majority training for activists yesterday in Springfield, IL, with a fellow Precinct Committeeman from my township. Our presenters, Beka Romm and John Burns, were excellent! We also heard from Mike Flynn from, who offered great words of wisdom. A fine group of folks from Southern and Western Illinois were in attendance, representing many activist | Read More »

    Remember November

    Could be wrong but I’m sensing a tone around here that’s a little disturbing, and I’m usually a sunny optimist. Too many on our side are giving off a vibe that a November housecleaning, shellacking, tidal wave, whatever, is going to be the end-all fix-it to what ails our Republic. It ain’t so. There will be no instant gratification. It can’t be simply about revenge, | Read More »

    Did you hear the one about the 30 Precinct Committeemen?

    Last night, Brian Hibbert and I got together with about 30 fellow PCs. Brian wrote about the meeting when it was first scheduled, here. It’s called a caucus. Per statute, we needed to nominate a candidate for the County Board to replace someone who dropped out of the race. There were 2 candidates, both Committeemen, who each gave campaign speeches, along with those of their | Read More »

    A Quick Scouting Report-Is There A Change in the Force?

    BACKGROUND: Some of my work is with ‘special populations’ at a junior college; unemployed folks, many minorities, single moms, people who’ve made idiotic choices along the way (and got caught), some newly-released felons. As such, they are the natural constituency of the Enemy, more so given the racial ratios; Obama T-shirts USED TO BE wildly popular. Zero now. Absolutely NO MORE defenses of teh One | Read More »

    On Primary elections and personal attacks-candidates and posters alike

    It’s a rainy, sticky day here and I’m feeling kinda logy, so I had the time to reread Erick’s post and the 50+ comments on Jane Norton. Wow, just wow! Our credo, the Conservative in the Primary, the Republican in the General is spot-on correct; the fun part is determining the former in order to wholeheartedly support the latter. Personal attack is a subjective term; | Read More »