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    Why Super Why is Awful

    Super Why is a children’s show on PBS. It should be something I, as a parent, should love. It encourages reading, talks about letters, and discussing spelling. I don’t, though. Because it’s awful. On the show, the “Super Readers” jump into traditional fairy tale stories and try to save the day. In each instance, the creators of the show change the plot so much to | Read More »

    A True Story about God’s Protection

    Recently, a friend of mine and their family had a shocking and frightening situation occur. Our friend’s child turned blue and stopped breathing while they were on the highway nearly an hour from home in the rain. The child is now fine, but the story was incredible. What happened that night was nothing short of a miracle. Here’s the story as told by the child’s | Read More »

    2011 Candidate Interview: Ari Winokur (R-MD)

    Ari Winokur is a young Republican in Baltimore City who decided to stand up and run for City Council. A citizen of the Fifth Councilmanic District, Winokur wants to “…bring greater sensibility and transparency to government…” according to his website. I contacted Winokur to ask him some questions about his stances on the issues and his campaign. What follows are his answers. Matthew Newman: What | Read More »

    2012 Candidate Interview: Daniel Bongino (R-MD)

    Saturday morning at 8:00 AM I received a call from 2012 US Senate candidate Daniel Bongino. Bongino is 37 year old Republican from Maryland who’s goal is to take on incumbent Ben Cardin in the general election. Bongino has an extensive background in law enforcement, serving four years in the New York City police department and twelve years in the Secret Service, serving under President’s | Read More »

    Bongino for US Senate

    It’s official – 36 year old former Secret Service Agent Daniel Bongino is running for US Senate in Maryland. Here’s where I posted his background. He’s got a fascinating background and I look forward to seeing what he has to say on the issues. Here’s his press announcement below the fold.

    2012 Candidate Interview: William Capps (R-MD)

    William T. Capps, Jr is one of the candidates vying to take on Ben Cardin in the 2012 GOP primary. Capps is an Army veteran with no prior political experience except for a bid for State Senate in 2010. According to his biography, he’s been through quite a bit – at certain points making less than $14k a year. That said, he’s never asked for | Read More »

    Baltimore County Redistricting: Predominantly Democratic Donors

    The County Council has announced their redistricting team. One Republican on the list, Robert Latshaw. The rest? Well, let’s see. We have Jim Gillis who is a former special assistant to outgoing Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith, a Democratic aide to a Democratic County Executive. We have Dunbar Brooks, who donated $500 to Ruppersberger and $250 to Obama in 2008. According to the State Board of Elections, Dunbar | Read More »

    No, NY-26 is Not NY-23

    In 2009, a special election arose in New York’s 23rd Congressional District. Behind closed doors, the GOP decided to pick who they felt was the best candidate to face off in the general election, they picked a liberal Republican Assemblywoman with skeletons in her closet, Dede Scozzafava. The Conservative Party, annoyed that they picked one of the few people they would not be willing to | Read More »

    Local Politician Profile: JB Jennings (R-MD)

    J.B. Jennings is a recently elected conservative Maryland State Senator. The former Delegate from the 7th Legislative District, Jennings stuck to his self-imposed term limits and decided not to run for reelection in 2010. Instead, he had the opportunity to run in the seat that became open when Andy Harris ran for Congress. Outside of his governmental experience, Jennings has a varied background ranging from | Read More »

    Festivus 2010

    This time every year, we gather around the metal pole and celebrate Festivus – the made up holiday from Seinfeld discussing our grievances. As is tradition – I will air mine. I’m disappointed in all of the following people. Harry Reid / Nancy Pelosi – Despite leading their respective caucuses to historic loses in the House and Senate, the two of them acted as though | Read More »

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