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    After Repeal: A Common Sense Alternative to HCR

    Note: I began this post as a response to CSUFBomb, who is insured through his former employer, has a serious condition, and is worried about losing his benefits once his COBRA runs out. I thought I’d share it as a diary. … As we embark on the road to repeal, much discussion has been raised over what the Republican replacement should look like, how we | Read More »

    House Democrats May Vote Yes on the Fix, No on the Senate

    While most of us initially had the reaction that House Democrats would drop the Slaughter Solution only if it meant that they had the votes to pass it with a straight up or down vote; it occurred to me there might be an alternate explanation. What if the Senate Bill was going down in flames no matter what? If they lost the vote tomorrow using | Read More »

    Update on Honduras

    Nine months later, the NYTimes wants to remind you that there was a coup in Honduras: Many countries in the hemisphere have refrained from recognizing Mr. Lobo’s government because it came to power with an election held under a government installed by a coup last June. Washington has argued that Mr. Lobo was chosen in fair elections that had been scheduled before the coup. On | Read More »

    Memo to Democrats: Barack hates you and hopes that you fail

    The working assumption on both sides of the aisle over the course of the last year has been that President Obama is willing to sacrifice Democrat seats (and perhaps even his own) in order to further his revolutionist agenda. Yesterday was an epiphany. He is not just willing to sacrifice Democrats in his quest to nationalize the entire health care sector — he is now | Read More »

    In Support of Sarah

    And, by “Support of Sarah”, I mean of course, “In Support of Sarah Supporters”. And by that, I mean of course, that I’d like to convey a gentle reminder to our lovable cadre of Palin-political skeptics (of which I count myself one) regarding the way we treat and interact with our lovable, sizeable, group of silent and not so silent Palin-supporters (of which I am | Read More »

    No one won NY-23

    (Note: when this diary was started, I was working off of a quote from an election official stating unambiguously that a virus was causing problems in some of the voting machines and that it was not ‘fixed’ in voting machines in use on election night. That statement was later said to be incorrect by other officials; and — possibly limited by resources or simply looking | Read More »