Rat's every left-wing loon's worst nightmare, creeping around in the parts of their tormented little brains they don't want to visit in the middle of the night. He delight in exposing the "political lie," which he defines as: "Liberals saying things they know aren't true for the sole purpose of patronizing the "less than informed" for political gain.


    Great Campaign Advice For O That He’ll Never Take – Thank God

    O WILL CONTINUE PREACHING TO THE CHOIR UNTIL THE BITTER END In the spirit of bipartisanship, I’ve decided to post an open letter to our flailing president and give him a bit of advice as to how he can not only stop the bleeding, but maybe even turn this thing around in the final two weeks – and reinvigorate the Obama Media Group in the | Read More »

    By The Way, Have You Noticed How President Eye-Candy Caves In Like A Cheap Tent When The Liberal Media Gets On His Case?

    FROM FAILURE TO HOLD NEWS CONFERENCES TO NO-SHOWS AT INTEL BRIEFINGS TO THE LIBYA ATTACK If there’s one thing President Eye-Candy can count on, it’s the Herculean effort generally put forth by his lapdogs in the media to not hold him accountable. For anything. Ever. However, in the rare case when the Obama Media Group fails in its cult-like duty and temporarily switches sides and calls him out – | Read More »

    The Wisdom Of John C Calhoun

    ‘THE UNEQUAL FISCAL ACTION OF THE GOVERNMENT DIVIDES US INTO TWO GREAT CLASSES; THOSE WHO PAY TAXES AND BEAR THE BURDEN OF SUPPORTING THE GOVERNMENT – AND THOSE WHO ARE RECIPIENTS OF THEIR PROCEEDS’ The vice president warned against allowing the government to divide us into “tax-payers and tax-consumers.” This, he said, “would give rise to two parties and to violent conflicts and struggles between | Read More »

    The Delusion Continues: Regime Says Jobs Report Proves ‘Economy Is Continuing To Improve’

    PROPAGANDA MINISTER BLAMES POOR JOB NUMBERS ON GOP OPPOSITION TO TAX HIKES Just 96,000 jobs created in August. 368,000 people drop out of the work force. Male labor-participation rate hits 64-year low. 88.9 million people no longer in labor force. Bottom line? The Regime says “the economy is continuing to improve.” Wait – what? Disingenuous, delusional, or both? (Pick “B.”) Yes, America, in the wake of today’s disastrous | Read More »

    Why Does The Liberal Media Continue To Ignore The Truth About Chicago’s Murder Rate?

    WHERE IS JACKSON? WHERE IS SHARPTON? WHERE IS FARRAKHAN? WHERE IS THE NBPP? Think about it. The Chicago Tribune even went so far as to defend it. Called it “insignificant” to the root of the awful crimes on which it reported. The liberal media and America’s self-appointed black leaders are involved in a “soft” cover-up: Black-on-black crime in the streets of Chicago is out of | Read More »


    IMAGINE RICK SANTORUM’S CAMPAIGN LAUNCHING ‘WHITE PEOPLE FOR SANTORUM’ Imagine – just for an unimaginable moment – Rick Santorum launching a campaign initiative entitled “White People for Rick Santorum.” What would be the response from Barack Obama, Democrats across the country, the Obama Media Group (OMG), and your liberal friends? Unimaginably imaginable, isn’t it? “RACISM!” That’s what. You know it. I know it. They know it. Obama’s | Read More »

    Get Ready for Obamapalooza 2012: Can BOTV be Far Behind?

    DOES AN AWESOME ENOUGH VENUE EXIST TO DO JUSTICE TO HIS AWESOMENESS? Damn. Is that an impressive image, or what? Is it just me, or does it remind you of the Wizard of Oz’s setup in the Emerald City too? I have to be honest; with the plethora of disastrous morsels provided by the Obama Regime over the last three years, I forgot all about the (Hollywood-produced) epic | Read More »

    Obama Media Group Attack on Romney will be a Sight to Behold!

    NBC ATTACK’S MITT’S ‘POLYGAMIST ANCESTOR,’ ‘CONTROVERSIAL FAITH’ Now that it’s all but certain that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee, the dutiful Obama Media Group and its left-wing lapdogs are wasting no time in firing up their transparent campaign against the former Massachusetts governor. This week’s offering? Mitt’s “polygamist” ancestor and the “controversial” faith of Mormonism. Never mind B. Hussein’s philandering alcoholic father – a | Read More »


    WITH AMERICA AT A TIPPING POINT, CAN GOP AVOID ANOTHER DOLE-MCCAIN MISTAKE? Although the Rat is a loyal, card-carrying conservative, his frustration with the Republican Party boils over from time-to-time. It happened in 1996 when the GOP played it safe and nominated Bob Dole, who we all knew from the beginning would face certain defeat at the hands of Bill Clinton. Thanks for playing. The | Read More »

    Meanwhile, Back on the Crazy Train with Nancy Pelosi

    EX-SPEAKER SAYS BOEING PLANT SHOULD BE CLOSED IF IT DOESN’T UNIONIZE Some folks call her a left-wing political hack; Dennis Miller calls her batsh*t crazy. Far be it from me to question the diagnosis by cousin Dennis, but I honestly can’t figure out whether the woman is clinically insane, liberally delusional, or just a liar. Whatever the case, Nancy Pelosi and reality haven’t spent much | Read More »