Voting Against the Rule, but to what End?

    Recently Erick Erickson and Daniel Horowitz have been working hard to rally House conservatives to try and take down rules controlling consideration of bills with which they disagree. As Mr. Horowitz put it, The underlying rationale is as follows: if leadership is bent on bringing legislation to the floor that needs Democrat votes to pass, the only way to fight back is by voting against | Read More »

    Alex Jones on Gun Control

    I grew up with guns, support the 2nd Amendment, and can’t stand Piers Morgan.  But I watched the entire video of  Morgan’s interview with Alex Jones and I couldn’t help but cringe throughout.  Jones comes off as a complete lunatic.  Whatever points he tried to make were far overshadowed by his bizarre behavior.  As Piers Morgan commented to Politico, “He was the best advertisement for gun | Read More »

    Conservatives being Played for Fools

    Has anyone bothered to stop and ask why Obama is openly mocking the Conservatives, and arrogantly bragging about having broken their will and their pledge? Did it occur to anyone that Obama might really want conservatives to kill this bill? Think about it. Taxes have already gone up. On everyone. The Clinton Era rates have been reestablished. These tax rates are now the law of | Read More »

    Pastor John S. Dickerson: “Evangelicalism as we knew it in the 20th century is disintegrating.”

    John S. Dickerson, Evangelical Pastor from Cornerstone Church in Prescott Arizona (and, as many of you know, is the son and grandson of influential Evangelical ministers) has a new book coming out in 2013 called “The Great Evangelical Recession.”   Yesterday the New York Times published his opinion piece  entitled The Decline of Evangelical America, which presumably previews the book.    Those interested should take | Read More »

    Herding Hemingway’s Cats

      Ernest Hemingway’s ghost lives in Key West.  His home is now a museum. There he teams with fifty-five six-toed cats, the progeny of his own polydactyl cat. The ghost and his cats roam wild and free. Over Hemingway’s old stone fence. Through Hemingway’s open windows. As they desire. No master binds them. Tourists love them. It is good. Or it was. The USDA set | Read More »