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    Release the Intelligence Briefs. NOW!

    Hillary proclaimed, “The Buck Stops with Her.”  She makes this earth-shattering  announcement in…Lima, Peru?  And, from the description of the interview, She is just talking about the security failure, only. She attributes the two to three weeks of lies, to “The Fog of War.” Every brief that is given to executive-level  types (Presidents, VPs, Senators, Congressmen, Flag officers, etc.) is written down and saved. Just | Read More »

    On Drunk Armadillos, Adam C. Smith,The Tampa Bay Times and Florida Senate Race

    In Florida, Connie Mack is in an uphill struggle to unseat Senator Bill Nelson. While he has been slowly inching up against Ol’ Bill (last Poll 47-42), most of his progress can be directly tied to Romney’s incredible first debate performance (and possibly the MSM coming to grips with the realization that they’d better start having more realistic poll samples in order to salvage, post | Read More »


    On Tuesday, 9 October 2012, at 6:55 PM, Eastern Daylight Time, The Obama administration, through the State Department, admitted what those who have been paying attention knew all along. The fact that the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was a pre-planned, terrorist act. What was left unsaid, was that Obama and his minions, knew this all along, but decided to lie to the | Read More »

    I, For One, Support Banning Offensive Films

    I, for one, support the banning that blasphemous film, “Innocence of the Muslims”.  While I’m at it, I got a lot more demands for more things to be banned from our degenerate, crumbling Republic: Any and all ads that try to make Obama’s conduct of our nation’s business abroad a legitimate political issue this election year.  We need to unite behind our President by ignoring | Read More »

    Why Rubio Won’t Get The GOP VP Nod

    It’s really simple. Former Republican Party Of Florida Chairman Jim Greer is going on trial at the end of July, just in time for the GOP convention in Tampa this August.  For a taste of what’s in store for this very anticipated trial (By the Florida MSM and Florida Democratic Party), here’s a link to Jim Greer throwing the gay card at his former patron, | Read More »

    Ignoring Criminals In Our Midst

    When I was in the Navy, I was an Intelligence officer and was once responsible for the IT department of a major intelligence center.  However,  I always knew that the key to having a secure intelligence infrastructure was the proper vetting of individuals, not necessarily having a “bulletproof” network. (Note to world: All the hacking that occurs against DoD systems are done on unclassified networks. | Read More »

    No Time For Tongue-Tied, Narcissist, Cliché Speaking, One-Armed Quarterbacks

    Our Nation is in crisis.  We are facing a “Tsunami of Debt”, an increasingly radicalized Middle East and in China, a rising  giant whose façade of rapid industrialization masks the massive fault lines between those with money and those who pay in sweat and blood the costs of this incredibly unstable oligarchy. For the apparently increasing majority of people who are convinced that Obama is | Read More »

    Why George LeMieux Can’t Beat Bill Nelson in 2012

    First: Truth In advertisement: I’ve donated 100 bucks to the Adam Hasner Campaign George LeMieux is a man of formidable talents and intellect.  He is acknowledged, by friend and foe alike, as an excellent lawyer, public speaker and debater.  That said, if he is nominated as the Republican Candidate for the Florida U.S. Senate seat in 2012 you can bet your bottom dollar Senator Bill | Read More »

    On “Colonel” Mike McCalister, Communists and The Hazards of Reproduction

    Here is my first Post on the “Colonel”: On Whales, Satan Worshiping, Bordellos and US Senate Candidate Colonel Mike McCalister Here is my second post on the “Colonel”: On “End of The Rainbow” and “Colonel Mike McCalister Has No Clothes!!” And here is the last post I did on the Subject: Of Popinjays and “Colonel” Mike McCalister It turns out that the good Colonel’s former campaign manager (who | Read More »

    On D-Day, 9/11 And The Case For A Simple Prayer

    First, let me state, I am not a religious man.  I don’t belong to any church and while I believe in God, I do not claim to understand his nature, only that he exists. Now let us discuss Mayor Bloomberg’s decision not to have allow prayer at the 10th anniversary of 9/11 ceremony to be held at “Ground Zero”.  Instead, as in the past, there will | Read More »