One Man

    It started with One Man. One Man who thought he could make a difference in his local community. One Man who did make that difference for a time. One Man who defended the defenseless. One Man who put himself at risk in the support of justice. One Man who stood up for what he believed, even if it was not terribly radical. That was until | Read More »

    I could never hold his sword, but I will take up mine again

    The news of Andrew Breitbart‘s untimely passing is obviously hitting everyone hard right now. Right now I’m a little numb to it, for reasons I don’t care to go into, but I can hardly miss the massive sense of loss I’m seeing on my Twitter feed right now. I feel no shame in saying I could never do what Andrew did, if only because he | Read More »

    The simple facts about the Breitbart/Schuster Twitter feud

    If you’ve been on Twitter the past couple of days, you’ve no doubt been exposed to the ongoing feud between Andrew Breitbart and David Shuster regarding the rejection of a motion to dismiss the Shirley Sherrod lawsuit against Breitbart. Shuster made a tweet to the effect that Breitbart’s lawyers had missed a deadline and that Breitbart should fire them for malefeasance, based on part of | Read More »

    SOPA, PIPA, and the upside to Christine O’Donnell

    Just mentioning the name of the failed Senatorial candidate from Delaware, or even uttering the two-word phrase “I’m you!” still gives a lot of GOP supporters a case of the hives. In an election where the Republicans took back control of the House and put themselves in position to follow suit in the Senate this year, the all-too-mockable campaign of Christine O’Donnell stands out as | Read More »

    The most significant event of the primary season: the ROCK?!

    This morning I had a cordial back-and-forth with Aaron Stevens on Twitter over my rather faulty memory of the all the back and forth and rise and fall of the various candidates in the way-too-long pre-voting phase of the GOP primary race. Aaron and I seem to be on the same page on one thing, and that is that we would both deeply love it | Read More »

    Beyond parody: EU declares water not healthy

    In some parts of the world, infamously in Mexico for example, water is not safe to drink. But that is not the issue here. In a scarcely believable ­ruling, a panel of experts threw out a claim that regular water consumption is the best way to rehydrate the body. Granted, as you can see, even the European mainstream press is looking at this one a | Read More »

    Check please

    That’s it, I’m done. I did not wake up this morning, heck, I didn’t even go to lunch, thinking this would be the day that broke me as far as interest in the GOP Primary race went. Yet, here we are. I never really expected my actual vote to matter, having recently relocated to a state with a mid-late primary date that all but assures | Read More »

    Catching up

    (Political content starts in five paragraphs, feel free to skip along to that.) So last night someone tweeted me: “You haven’t blogged at RedState in almost five months.” I was a little surprised anyone noticed. Initially, I cut off for a while as a spat. Yeah, I can admit it. Not to go into detail, but I wrote up what I thought was a very | Read More »

    Another war begins

    Ladies and gentlemen, we’re at war, again.  Whether this is now a fourth war, or a relocation of one of the three existing wars may be open to interpretation, but one thing that is hard to avoid concluding from the evidence available to us today is this: We are now at war with Pakistan. As of this moment, after initially expressing outrage at the US | Read More »

    Two America Syndrome: “Patients Are Not Consumers”

    While many of us were doing a victory lap after the smacking down of the Wonkette blog yesterday, our favorite Nobel Economist turned blatant left-wing shill, Paul Krugman, came out with a brief editorial entitled “Patients Are Not Consumers”. Now, maybe to you and me this statement is a total brain aneurysm, but then again, Mr. Krugman is still somehow taken seriously by large segments | Read More »