Our country’s financial standing “rent” asunder

Apologies in advance for this, but as a choral singer by way of hobby, the recent post by Congressman Frank Lucas inspired me to jot down new lyrics to the tune of one of my group’s favorite songs, “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway play and movie Rent.  So without further ado…

One trillion four hundred and nine billion dollars
One trillion four hundred billion dollars, oh dear
One trillion four hundred and nine billion dollars
How much can you spend, spend in a year?

On bailouts, on healthcare, on stim’lus, on cups of coffee?
On jet flights, on dressing the President’s wife?
With one trillion four hundred and nine billion dollars
Have you seen such loose purse strings in your life?

But Obama’s still… looooooooooooved.
Press gives him their… loooooooooooove.
Don’t like it then, tooooooooooooough.
We’ve had enough…

In truth that gets spurned or the time Matthews cried
In allies we’ve burned, or integrity died
It’s time now, to stand up, though the struggle never ends
Let’s… make 2010 a year where we start to make amends.


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