Dear Friends:  I wanted to insure that as many people knew as possible that Larry Elder, conservative Sage from LA, is planning to do a Subscription Podcast. He is currently in the planning stage.  I am really excited about the possibility of hearing him again, as I miss his wisdom during this turbulent time.  Details can be found my clicking HERE. Now, if we can | Read More »


    Send Obama Cigarettes instead of Tea Bags

    Dear Friends:  It seems President Obama has targeted another industry of take-over: The Tobacco Industry. When the Tea Party movement got started, it was proposed that tea bags be sent to Obama as a form of protest.  With the above news story in mind, I now propose something different. Barak Obama’s birthday is Aug. 4th: I say that we send him a pack of his | Read More »

    Nationwide No-on-Cap-and-Trade Tax Rally; Bonus Policy Details

    Dear Friends: This is both a save-the-date request, as well as a clarion call to action. Many of you have been following Henry Waxman’s actions to push-forth a free enterprise-endangering, liberty-impeding monstrosity nicknamed “Cap-and-Trade”. The details are provided HERE. Our little group of agitators, the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition, is calling for a nationwide protest of this bill, perhaps inspiring some wobbly Republicans and | Read More »


    Pelosi Office Tea Party (4/15); San Diego Tea Party (4/11)

    Hi! Michelle Malkin has a round-up of Tea Party events. She cautions everyone to be aware of leftist smear and sabotage tactics (as initially chronicled in this site). Let’s recap the basic information: SAN DIEGO TEA PARTY Date: Saturday, April 11th Time: 11 am – 12 noon (build in time to find parking) Location: Spanish Landing Park TEA PARTY AT PELOSI’S OFFICE Date: Wednesday, April | Read More »

    Bulgaria’s Tea Party History

    From my home site, The Shrine of Flaming Capitalism. I just received this letter from a participant and organizer from the “tender revolution” in Communist Bulgaria, 1989-1990. It is an inspirational and important message of concern from a newly minted American citizen who has experienced “socialist utopias”  (Check Michelle Malkin’s site for Russia’s new Utopia-loving  comrade). Almost twenty years ago when we went on the | Read More »

    CA Tea Pary Update: SF Needs Assist – San Diego Hopping

    Dear Friends: I wanted to update everyone on some news related to the California Tax Week Tea Parties. According to the Tax Day Tea Party group, California leading the nation with 36 Tax Day Tea Parties on the schedule for April 15th. We wanted to remind everyone that information about those in Southern California can be located HERE! I wanted to mention to our friends | Read More »


    CA May 19th Ballot Recommendations

    Two of my Tea Party goals were accessing new sources of information and engaging others. I have spent the morning preparing sensible, tax-savvy positions related to the May 19th special election in California. Though most of these seven propositions are touted as “essential for closing the budget gap”, they actually extremely misleading proposals. In fact, the titles of these ballot measures were actually challenged in | Read More »


    Fair Play: CT Working Families Party Info and Contacts

    I have been reviewing the mob-mentality being generated by the Obama administration and the Democrat-led Congress today. One of the more interesting developments is that a group leading a tour to harass fellow American citizens is (Connecticut Working Families Party) is that it is co-founded by ACORN. ACORN is a radical group, with a strong anti-capitalist agenda, that perpetrated voter fraud in the November Presidential | Read More »


    Bus Ride to Socialism

    Dear Friends: I have rarely been so concerned, or have seen so many of my friends and family agitated and fearful. I think we are dangerously close to a precipice, where hard-working capitalists and small-government-supporting politicians are wrongly demonized and become targets of a mob mentality. Such actions are surely the first step towards extreme government control in our lives. I have been following a | Read More »