North Korea + Iran + China = A Trap?

    One of my favorite little bits of 25 cent philosophy is that in life, we have friends that we truly like, and friends that we tolerate.  Friends that we like are those with whom we have interests in common, shared enjoyable experiences, and whose presence is a positive life influence.  Friends that we tolerate are those that we keep around out of some sense of | Read More »

    What part of “GOVERNMENT OVERSPENDING KILLS GROWTH” don’t you understand!?

    Once again our good friends on Capitol Hill and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have put forth their budget, and once again they prove that they either don’t realize or don’t care that their profligate spending will ensure that we have a never ending recession.  I know I’ve done this before, but since we’re headed down Debt Alley again, I’m going to explain why deficits are | Read More »

    Contrived vs. Real Environmental Issues

    At this time Barack Obama ponders whether he should go to Copenhagen in December to attend the climate change conference; as of this week he stated that he could go to use that as a means of promoting the Cap and Tax bill in Congress if that were needed.  And, once again, Barack Obama would be wasting the taxpayers’ money to travel to Copenhagen in | Read More »

    Hey Barry O., how’s the war on Fox News working out for you?

    Apparently, Anita Dunn’s declaration of war on Fox News on behalf of the Administration has resulted in a 9% jump in overall ratings, and a 14% jump in the 25-54 age group . I’m sure this is EXACTLY what they had in mind.  Hey Barry, let me give you a few pieces of advice: 1. Anita Dunn is not helping.  Neither her Fox News bashing | Read More »

    Defend the dollar or else!

    Dr. Paul Krugman, one of my favorite economists (if “favorite” now means something completely different than it used to) put up a spirited defense of the precipitous decline of the dollar in his Oct 10th piece Misguided Money Mentalities as published in the print media organ of the Obama Administration, The New York Times. I take issue with two fundamental points of his thesis that | Read More »

    The eco-nuts can stuff this one where the streetlights don’t shine

    Today’s eco-insanity: My dog is screwing up the planet . The long and short of this work of nonsensical babbling is that a) pets actually (God Forbid) require food that needs to be grown on arable land, b) we should have more “green” pets like a hamster or (you gotta be kidding…) a chicken, and c) (and this one really set me off) pet owners | Read More »

    Airplanes that should be eliminated – and an airplane that should not

    A Friday, September 25 article from Roll Call indicates that the Senate Defense spending bill has eliminated two Gulfstreams for Congressional Member use. Considering the massive and utterly unsustainable budget deficits that this government is now running, this is good – these aircraft are a waste of taxpayer dollars for the benefit of those like Nancy Pelosi who clearly do not deserve it. This report | Read More »

    The Economic Bill of Rights

    On July 3, 1987, President Reagan proposed an Economic Bill of Rights, founded on four basic economic freedoms and proposing ten steps to ensure those freedoms. The text of the Economic Bill of Rights can be found here . Given the rise of the Obamaist philosophy of governance (which, as I see it, melds elements of Marxism and Fascism), I thought it would be a | Read More »

    I denonuce myself!

    In keeping with the Obama Administration’s request to inform on friends and family who commit Thoughtcrime get out the facts about Obamacare, I believe the following email is in order: To: [email protected] Dear Big Brother Mr. President: I would like to denounce myself as I have committed Thoughtcrime in the form of “fishy” information about your utter destruction reform of the healthcare system, which is | Read More »

    The REAL story behind Biden’s Buckler…

    Barry O. feared Babbling Joe doing this at the table in front of “company”, so he has a standing “do not serve” order with the White House bartender.