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    The Myth of Multiple Language Unity

    As I returned from lunch today I noticed an electrical service station littered with high voltage warnings, and noting the danger of tampering with the contents. All of the warnings were in English. Sadly, a lawyer could probably have a field day if an illegal alien who doesn’t speak English tampered with it and hurt themselves, which leads to a bigger point – we need | Read More »

    Freedom from Accountability

    When liberals talk about freedom, they mean something completely different than what a conservative or a libertarian would consider freedom. To a conservative / libertarian, freedom is the ability to make choices in life – free will, and self-determination. This is not what a liberal considers to be freedom. If you analyze liberal positions, you will see that the Left actively looks to subvert freedom | Read More »

    The Myth of the ‘Informed Choice’ of Abortion

    One argument that Pro-Abortion advocated make is that they want the matter of abortion to be “an informed choice between a woman and her doctor.” Unfortunately, under scrutiny this is exposed to be another lie from the pro-choice crowd. Recently, the state of Oklahoma passed a law that would require women seeking an abortion to have a sonagram first. Pro-Abortionists, predictably, have gone berserk about | Read More »

    If you’re pro-life, then adopt or shut up?

    Many of us, especially if you correspond in any political forums, have likely seen the following “brilliant” point from a liberal on abortion: “Yeah, well if you’re so pro-life, why don’t you adopt a kid! Otherwise, shut up!” The problem with the statement is that like most liberal arguments, it’s completely devoid of logic. Pregnancy is not a choice. A woman can not choose whether | Read More »

    The Road to Totalitarianism, Part 2: Environmentalism

    Now that the EPA has decided that a certain type of plant food is actually a dangerous pollutant, this unfortunately opens the door for drastic government regulation and control of people’s lives. In my first article, I mentioned that almost everything a person does effects their health. Similarly, almost everything a person does affects their environment. Now that you officially emit a dangerous pollutant every | Read More »

    The Road to Totalitarianism, Part 1: Health Care

    Many children while growing up hear their parents tell them that “you are what you eat”. While this kernel of truth is appropriately simplistic for a child, as adults we know that diet is just one aspect of our overall health. It could be said that just about everything you do in your life affects your health – what you eat, how much you eat, | Read More »

    Government and Marriage

    One point often overlooked in the gay marriage debate is the reason why Government States recognize heterosexual marriage: To govern the inheritance of land and title amongst biological offspring of the union. In other words – which of your kids gets what when you punch your ticket to the afterlife? Sadly, when a large part of the world is illiterate, there is no Last Will | Read More »

    A Modern Day Parable On Liberalism

    A man was working on his lawnmower one hot, humid, day, while his children played in the yard with his parents. Since it was such a hot, humid, day his wife thought the family would like a cool drink, so she made a couple pitchers of lemonade and brought it out to her family. As they drank the refreshing glasses of lemonade, the man remarked | Read More »

    Deterring a Mumbai Style Attack In the United States

    In the aftermath of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, one question that is on people’s minds is “Could it happen here?” Unfortunately, the answer is Yes. The terrorists were able to somehow cross the Indian border and coordinate an assault in a major city, where they preyed on a mostly unarmed populace. What about the police, you say? There’s a story where a photographer, Sebastian D’Souza, | Read More »

    The Scientific Pro-Life Argument

    Many of us who are pro-Life Christians base this stance on Scripture and Church Teaching on the subject of abortion. Many pro-Life Christians are familiar with these verses and others like them: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart;I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5 My frame was not hidden | Read More »