2016 Republican Candidates Least Committed to Traditional Marriage?

    Who are the Republican candidates for 2016 who are least committed to Traditional Marriage? By this, I mean would *NOT* guarantee the following: Appointing Supreme Court Justices would allow SSM to be a state by state decision Removal of *every* Executive Order requiring companies with Federal Contracts to treat SSM like Traditional Marriage Support for state level Religious Freedom bills (Federal level?) The ones would | Read More »

    Same Sex Marriage in Utah!?!?

    According to Fox News (, a federal judge has struck down Utah’s same sex marriage ban as unconstitutional. I haven’t seen anything to indicate that Utah’s Constitutional Amendment 3 which banned not only SSM but also “substantially equivalent” unions was particularly vulnerable. If this stands, then we’ve basically got Gay Marriage nationwide.

    New Mexico & Marriage

    Some history in regards to the situation in New Mexico right now. In November 1972 during/immediately after the Federal Equal Rights Amendment was submitted to the States, the voters of New Mexico passed a state level version of the ERA (went into effect in July 1973). In the aftermath of this, the Legislature of New Mexico rewrote the laws of the state to make them | Read More »

    Rep. Tim Huelskamp to file constitutional amendment to restore DOMA   We’ll see how much of the Republican Leadership in the House supports this.   On the one hand, it is trying *something* in Congress, OTOH, the question is whether things like this move the Overton window even if there is little chance of it passing. (I’m not sure which is easier, counting the 34 Senate Democrats who would *boast* of voting against it | Read More »


    The Remaining Supreme Court Cases

    After this morning there are 6 cases left on the Supreme Court Docket for the 2012-2013 Term. These are (in the order that they were argued)   1) Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District – A “Takings” case in regard to a denial of a Development Permit. Probably a win for the Water Management District. Scalia was heavily involved with the decisions that Koontz’s | Read More »