Sam Rohrer for PA

    For eight long years, Ed Rendell and the Democratic Party have held the reigns on Pennsylvania, dragging it deep into debt and unemployment.  Republicans now have a ripe opportunity to take the senate and governorships, but there is trouble on the horizon. That problem is the leading candidate for governor, Tom Corbett.  He like Rendell has more than one skeleton in his closet.  He also has stated that | Read More »

    Pandering to His New Base

    Snarlin’ Arlen does it again. Seeing how Sen. Specter is facing a competitive primary from the left and given his past behavior, it doesn’t come as a surprise that our friend, Arlen Specter, has taken another sharp left turn – this time on Afghanistan.  His office sent out an e-mail, heralding his opposition to the troop surge and dismissing any prospect of victory. He’s using this as an attempt to | Read More »

    An Even More Inconvenient Truth

    The Climategate E-mails have issued a devastating blow to global warming proponents.  As it turns out our highly esteemed climate change “experts” have been receiving millions for their “scientific” work.  On top of that, there is new evidence discrediting the theory. The man at the center of the controversy, Professor Phil Jones received 13 million Euros in research grants.  The E-mails that were leaked between | Read More »

    Talk About a Suck-Up

    What a suck up: first Saudi Arabia and now Japan.  As a young American high-schooler, I am embarrassed.  Do you think this emboldens America’s enemies? Answer:  Yup

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    Curt Schroder for Congress

    Congressman Jim Gerlach will not be running for reelection in the Pennsylvania’s 6th district because of his gubernatorial campaign for governor.  PA-6 is a largely suburban district in southeastern PA, and Democrats are giddy for the opportunity to take the seat.  Don’t let them. One Republican has emerged as the clear conservative in the race, and he is Curt Schroder.  Curt has served in the | Read More »

    Good News in New Jersey

    PPP has posted their last poll coming out of the garden state.  It shows Chris Christie with a 6 pt. lead over Corzine: This is very good news, but what makes this even better is the amount of political capital Obama has invested in it.  A very Democratic state like New Jersey electing a Republican over a candidate Obama (who won NJ 57%-42%) has | Read More »