DNC Platform Position in SUPPORT of Gay-Marriage an Outrage

      Ignore the rest of this dross. The Management.   Mitt Romney today declared that the DNC platform position supporting marriage between like-gendered people is an outrage.  “There really is

    For Posterity

    If you are reading this before November 6, 2012, STOP!!!  I write this now so that I can SHOW you that I TOLD YOU SO, after November’s drubbing, and the time stamp on

    The REAL Problem with Romney

    RomneyCare. He cannot escape it.  He signed it. And now we have this: Mass. Healthcare Premiums Down 5% While healthcare insurance premiums have gone up in other states, those  participating

    Would Ron Paul Do This?

    Happy Easter everyone! May the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen and preserve you all unto eternal life. As a fundamentalist Christian Conservative I have severe problems with Romney as the

    Romney Shakes Things Up

    Mitt Romney Shakes Things Up Mitt Romney Press | August 30, 2012 Location Tampa, FL United States Mitt Romney today announced that everything he has been saying for the last


    Your principles are furthered the most by getting out of this race.  You cannot win!!  You are splitting the true conservative vote.  The longer this continues the more likely becomes


    Stemming the Tide or Changing the Game

    Current conventional wisdom says that Mitt Romney has the best chance of defeating B. Hussein Obama this fall – I get that.  But let’s examine that closely: We all know


    I’m mad!!!!  No, I’m really, really mad!!!! No, I’m furious over the current situation in the Republican Party – but that isn’t what the title of my diary is about.

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    Breaking: Mitt Romney Post Convention Plans Released (Accidentally?)

    I just got this in my inbox and I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  Did any of you get this too?  Look at the date on this. If ever

    Mitt Romney says “Waaaaaaaah”

    I cannot believe the temerity of this guy. Today on Fox Mitt called Democratic crossover voting “an outrage.” Does he not realize that the Internet exists and that we can