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    The Two Obamas

          Equality as a basis for society doesn’t work. History provides vivid accounts of the failure of societies whose goal was total equality. Two of the more notable examples are the French Revolution, and former Soviet Union. It is ironic that the more ardent the perpetrators of equality-i.e. French revolutionaries and Russian Marxists- the more violent they become. It is an exercise in futility and | Read More »

    An Open Letter To Obama Supporting Christians

    Dear Brother or Sister In Christ Who Supports Barack Obama, I have been a hypocrite. I have wrongfully assumed that because I championed one moral evil I earned the right to forget about many others. I have been myopic choosing to make moral pronouncements while turning my eyes away from the poor and needy in my own community. This has alienated me from you who | Read More »

    The Halo Is Tarnished

    Abraham Lincoln once said, “You may fool all the peoplesome of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but youcannot fool all of the people all the time.” Until a couple of weeks ago, itappeared as if Barack Obama had proved Lincoln wrong. No one can forget the”messiah-like” speeches that Obama gave to swooning crowds justmonths ago. Now | Read More »