Ned Ryun is the Founder of American Majority (also on Facebook), a national non-profit that identifies and trains candidates to run for state and local office on free market, limited government principles. Ned is also the CEO of Voter Gravity (, a database technology company. Ned resides in northern Virginia, with his wife, Becca, and four children: Nathaniel, James, Charlotte and Hudson.


    Let’s (GOP) Party Like It’s 2012

    In a normal, practical world, after getting bludgeoned upside the head, smart people usually step back, appreciate their “teachable moment,” and ask, “What can I learn after this particular disaster to make sure it doesn’t happen again?”  And so one would think it should be after the RNC and the Romney campaign . . . and Karl Rove’s Crossroads group. . . and the Koch | Read More »


    Last weekend, American Majority trained our 30,000th  trainee at a Boot Camp Training in Atlanta, Georgia. That’s 30,000 new leaders and activists who have gone through American Majority’s cutting edge trainings to equip them to be agents of change in their local communities. Many of these people have gone on to run for state or local office, while many more found a way to use | Read More »

    The GOP and Independent Voters

    We’ve been doing a series of studies at Voter Gravity on a variety of topics, from GOTV to social media to mail. I am biased and found them all interesting, but the newest one on independent voters is probably the best so far. I’m not going to tell you about everything inside the study, but some of the highlights are below: The number of self-described | Read More »

    Mr. President, It’s Time to Fire Holder!

    Washington D.C. is known for politicians bucking responsibility for their actions, or for those that are under their leadership. Enough is enough. Someone must be held accountable for the incompetence at the Department of Justice (DOJ). Mr. President, it’s time to Fire Attorney General Eric Holder! There have been several recent high profile scandals that have rocked the DOJ and could have been grounds to | Read More »

    How To Win in Virginia in 2013

    * Written with Brian Baker, President of Ending Spending As the eyes of the nation turn to key state races in 2013 – New Jersey and Virginia – the issues of fiscal responsibility and economic growth will be a yardstick for how voters measure candidates. This year, Virginia will play a critical role in the ongoing national discussion of how we reverse the massive growth | Read More »

    American Majority: Organizing for Freedom

    American Majority turned 5 in January, and it has been quite the ride. Trust me. We’ve trained almost 25,000 activists and candidates nationwide in that time, with most of that work in the last three years, and many times with a staff of no more than twenty. Someone asked me the other day what our budget was. I replied, “A gabazillion pennies and nickels (with some | Read More »

    We Can Win (If We Start Doing the Right Things)

    Conservatives, we can talk all we want about fixing the message and following principles, but even if we fix both—we can’t win elections if we keep using campaign tactics like it’s 1999. For a real conservative comeback, we don’t need to become Democrats. We need to become conservatives with brains. Right now, conservatives’ technological lifeblood could use a dose of digital steroids. But, some of | Read More »

    After Big Punt, Here’s How GOP Can Score

    As a conservative, I hate when Republicans constantly punt on spending. It’s annoying, and it keeps happening. We have no reason to think it won’t keep happening. American Majority Action opposed the House GOP leadership’s plan to suspend the debt ceiling for four months without spending cuts. We believe that the day to stop stealing from our children is today–not tomorrow, not four months from | Read More »

    Let’s Force Obama Into a Balanced Budget

    Let’s start with a simple question: If conservatives had a choice, would we choose to balance the budget now or follow Obama’s model of catastrophic debt instead? For conservatives, the answer is painfully obvious. And the quickest way to a balanced budget is to let the US government hit the debt ceiling. When we reach the debt limit we can only spend what we take in; | Read More »

    Boehner Should Resign

    There comes a certain point when enough is enough: American Majority Action (AMA) believes it is time for Speaker John Boehner to resign after his embarrassing failure to pass his “Plan B” fiscal cliff bill. Speaker Boehner killed the planned 7:30 p.m. vote last night when he realized that AMA and other groups had succeeded in holding enough conservative members to defeat the measure. AMA | Read More »