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    What’s Going to Happen to My Canadian Friends?

    For years we’ve been protecting our Canadian friends. They live under our military defenses; they enjoy the benefits of our commerce and wealth; they come and go as they want. They’re nice people and great neighbors. I worry about them though because where are they going to go now when they need a doctor?

    Yet Another Letter from a Supporter to Gerry Connolly (VA11)

    Gerry: The view from my peaceful perch is getting blocked by the reams of paper that is this latest bill on top of the reams of paper that is the Senate bill for which you are being asked to support this weekend. As a simple person running a simple business, I know that the devil is always in the details. When someone presents me with | Read More »

    Another Open Letter to Connolly (VA 11) From a Supporter

    Gerry, The whirlwind is intensifying for you, but things are still calm on my peaceful perch. I have more observations which I hope will help you decide. You have reached the House in your political career. Your freshman (and women) peers have recognized your talents by making you their president. Your seniors have put you on prestigious committees and have you on a fast track | Read More »

    A 2nd Public Letter to Gerry Connolly (VA 11) on Health Care

    Gerry: By your own design and inclination, you are at the center of a great whirl wind; and as your friend and supporter, I am compelled again to write you my view of the evolving situation from my more peaceful perch. You are being asked to vote for the Senate Health Care bill in its entirety and pass it into law. While no doubt there | Read More »

    Open Letter to Gerry Connolly (VA 11) – Vote No on Health Care

    Dick Morris has indicated that Cong. Connolly is moving towards a possible no on the Senates Health Care bill.  I hand delivered this letter to his Prince William County Office earlier. It states my reasons for his opposing the Senate Health Care bill: Nelson H. Head 13440 Occoquan Road Woodbridge, VA 22191 The Honorable Gerry E. Connolly U.S. House of Representatives 327 Cannon House | Read More »

    Stop the BS’ers (Big Spenders) With Our Credit Card

    There’s no difference between a Democrat and Republican career politician in Congress when it comes to BS’ing (that’s Big Spending and maybe even the other thing too). Despite his self promotion as a fiscal hawk, Republican Senator Jeff Sessions sponsored and approved $85 million per year for five years for the Boys and Girls Club. $2.2 million had already gone to the Washington lobbyist who | Read More »

    Connolly, VA 11, Moving Towards No on Health Care?

    Dick Morris has reported that Cong. Gerry Connolly, VA 11, is moving strongly from a yes vote towards a no vote on the Senate’s Health Care bill ( Connolly, president of the Democrats freshman Congressmen and women, won the long time Republican seat by riding on the anti-Bush coattails of Obama when Tom Davis retired. Independents and moderate Republicans who supported him in the last | Read More »

    If It’s Now, Why This?

    If it must be now, why this approach to health care reform? It adds another inefficient and unpaid entitlement to our national obligations. Taxes won’t pay for our current entitlements, much less this new one; and citizens will never allow politicians to tax them sufficient to do so. That means we have to borrow the short falls. At some point, lenders are going to say enough. Then what do | Read More »

    Dr.Hsieh’s Moral Case Against Health Care

    Dr. Hsieh is correct in his fine post on Pajamas Media.  By linking their Health Care bill to the moral cause of providing medical services to the needy, the proponents can side step any “economic or corruption issues.” The argument against the Health Care bill cannot be won with just economic or corruption issues .The only way Americans can protect their long-term access to quality medical | Read More »

    Moderate Reasons for Moderate Democrats to Vote No

    If they are listening, here are three moderate reasons for moderate Democrats to vote no on the Health Care bill: Republican extremes want private market forces to solve every problem; Democrat extremes want the Federal Government to administer every system. Neither of these two approaches will work for health care. The lack of a single Republican supporter of the present legislation clearly shows that it | Read More »